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Irrigation Strategies

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  • Irrigating For High Yields

    Irrigating For High Yields

    By Guy Collins And Keith Edmisten North Carolina State University Authors’ note: These general irrigation guidelines were developed several years ago by other faculty at the University of Georgia. In some cases, deviating from this model may be appropriate. Much of this information is based on my (Collins) personal research experience while in Georgia. We recommend this model as a starting point for NC producers. These recommendations may not apply to all states. The squaring stage is an important benchmark in cotton development, marking the point in time in which irrigation management requires more attention. Although most of the 2016 ... Read More »
  • Irrigating Cotton With Sensors

    Irrigating Cotton With Sensors

    By Rad Yager Whether you’re a cotton breeder, researcher or grower, it’s time to consider using soil moisture sensors if you irrigate. Basically, they will help you understand what’s going on deep below the soil surface. Here are some tips on how to get started with the technology. Soil moisture sensors continue to improve and the network of consultants using them continues to grow, making the technology easier for irrigators to use. The data sensors generate is like the emergency room sending you home with a 24/7-heart monitor. The monitor senses and measures every heartbeat – strong or weak, regular ... Read More »
  • Cotton Incorporated offers science-based rebuttal on cottonseed oil

    Cotton Incorporated offers science-based rebuttal on cottonseed oil

    This month’s Editor’s Note on page 4, “‘Lions And Tigers And Bears...Oh, My!’” talks about Food Babe blogger Vani Hari’s recent declaration, “Cotton is not a food” and the warning she issued to her followers to avoid consuming cottonseed oil. Cotton Incorporated posted a rebuttal on her blog, bringing facts and science to the table. To read Hari’s Food Babe blog ( ) and Cotton Incorporated’s rebuttal... Read More »
  • A Welcome ‘Shot In The Arm’

    A Welcome ‘Shot In The Arm’

    The National Cotton Council (NCC) is urging U.S. cotton producers to participate in USDA’s Cotton Ginning Cost-Share program (CGCS), a one-time initiative with a June 20-Aug. 5 sign-up window. What is the CGCS program’s purpose? Using administrative authority it has under the Commodity Credit Corporation Charter, USDA created the CGCS program to expand and maintain the domestic marketing of cotton. USDA said the $300 million commodity marketing assistance program is aimed at providing “meaningful, timely and targeted assistance” to cotton producers by offsetting a portion of a producer’s 2015 crop season ginning costs. USDA acknowledged that since 2011, cotton fiber markets ... Read More »