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Cotton Farming is the official publication of the ginning industry.

  • Alabama Cotton Crop Escapes Major Hurricane Damage

    Alabama Cotton Crop Escapes Major Hurricane Damage

    By Katie Wendland Alabama Extension Cotton producers are looking toward harvest in the wake of two major hurricanes that slammed into the Texas and Florida coasts. Hurricane Irma, though not originally expected to affect Alabama, hit many areas of the state with tropical storm-force winds and heavy rainfall. For some producers, rain was a welcome sight. Other producers’ fields took a battering from strong winds. Cotton Affected By Hurricane Irma Strong winds laid cotton plants over in the field in some areas of Alabama. Dr. Trey Cutts said this could present problems for producers as they prepare to defoliate. Cutts, ... Read More »
  • Irma Impacts Georgia Cotton

    Irma Impacts Georgia Cotton

    Georgia’s cotton growers lost at least 10 percent of their crop to Tropical Storm Irma but yield losses are likely to reach 20 percent and higher as the season unfolds, UGA Cotton Agronomist Jared Whitaker said. “From preliminary observations, it is safe to say that every cotton field in Georgia has been negatively impacted by Irma to varying degrees,” Whitaker wrote in a report presented to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue while Perdue was touring damaged cotton fields in Colquitt County Sept. 15. Unlike Hurricane Matthew last year, which only impacted Southeast Georgia, Irma whirled across the width of ... Read More »
  • Hurricane Harvey ‘Overstayed His Welcome’

    Hurricane Harvey ‘Overstayed His Welcome’

    Texas cotton losses estimated to be as much as 400,000 bales By Julie Murphree Arizona Farm Bureau Outreach Director Out west, just about everyone has some connection to Texas. I do. All my dad’s farm family migrated from Texas to Arizona in the early 1900s. And, though they fully embraced this desert state, I will always remember my grandpa’s stories about Texas. So, when Hurricane Harvey landed on the gulf shore, the Arizona Murphree clan was all ears and full of prayers. And now we can do something to help thanks to the Texas Farm Bureau. Agricultural Devastation Texas Farm Bureau ... Read More »
  • U.S. Cotton Sets Goals to Further Reduce Environmental Footprint

    U.S. Cotton Sets Goals to Further Reduce Environmental Footprint

    With the goal of helping its members meet their current needs while making the world a better place for future generations, the U.S. cotton industry is setting goals aimed to build upon the strong environmental gains already achieved over the past 30 years. “Our industry wants to be the supplier of choice for those who are committed to only buying cotton that is produced with sustainable and responsible environmental, safety and labor practices,” said National Cotton Council Chairman Ronnie Lee, a Georgia cotton producer. “That is the objective that was set by the Council’s COTTON USA Sustainability Task Force.” Task ... Read More »
  • Future Improvements Build On Past Successes

    Future Improvements Build On Past Successes

    The U.S. cotton industry recently formalized goals to help further reduce the environmental impact of U.S.-grown cotton — a step that will improve the raw material’s popularity in the global textile sector. How did this come about? Four years ago, Cotton LEADS™ was co-founded by the U.S. and Australian cotton industries. The program is educating the cotton supply chain on 1) the responsible growing practices and environmental gains within the two countries and 2) how the self-investment by their growers contributes to those gains.As a way to ensure we continue to build upon the gains U.S. cotton already has achieved, ... Read More »
  • Celebrate Cotton Football

    Celebrate Cotton Football

    The sixth annual Celebrate Cotton football game is scheduled for Sept. 16 in Lubbock, Texas. A special promo code is available for those interested in purchasing tickets. Plains Cotton Growers has proudly partnered with Texas Tech Athletics to establish this fun event that puts the High Plains cotton industry on a national stage. Read More »