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Cotton Farming is the official publication of the ginning industry.

  • Texas Poised To Lead The Way

    Texas Poised To Lead The Way

    TCGA Annual Meeting & Trade show BY TONY WILLIAMS TCGA EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT As cotton planters prepare to roll across Texas, a feeling of anticipation is in the air — and for good reason. Most areas experienced an exceptional crop in 2016, soil moisture is good, the market is looking up, and plans to build a large gin in the Texas Panhandle are in the works. Another factor generating a lot of excitement is farmers having access to cotton varieties that produce outstanding yields and quality if we get a little help from Mother Nature. Expansion in the Texas Panhandle ... Read More »
  • Tim Roberts: Cotton Consultant of the Year

    Tim Roberts: Cotton Consultant of the Year

    Tim Roberts grew up in Southeast Arkansas where farming was prevalent and many of the local teenagers worked as cotton scouts or “bug checkers” as they were called at the time. In 1977, Arkansas cotton consultant Ken Gilbert hired Roberts and Roberts’ long-time friend, Billy Beegle, to work for him while they were in college. From 1980 to 1983, Gilbert sent the young men to West Tennessee where farmers were looking for consultants to help combat the boll weevil, which had begun to aggressively attack their cotton fields. (A PDF of this article is available here.) In 1984, Roberts and ... Read More »
  • ‘Flag The Technology’ Helps Identify Herbicide Sensitive Fields

    ‘Flag The Technology’ Helps Identify Herbicide Sensitive Fields

    By Blair Fannin, Texas A&M AgriLife The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas Plant Protection Association have collaborated on a Flag the Technology program that identifies crop fields tolerant to certain herbicides. With two new herbicide-resistant technologies that will be widely used in cotton, corn and soybeans, program coordinators say it is critical farmers know which fields are safe for application of the new products and which are sensitive to them. The program, which originated in Arkansas, helps farmers identify fields safe for application and those that must be avoided to prevent unintentional damage to the producer’s field ... Read More »
  • Farm Leaders Find A Changed Washington

    Farm Leaders Find A Changed Washington

    By Dave Kranz Arriving during a time of transition in Washington, D.C., California Farm Bureau Federation directors met with congressional leaders, a Trump transition official and others involved in driving and monitoring the changing political landscape. During a two-day series of meetings in the nation’s capital, CFBF leaders conferred with members and staff at more than two-dozen California congressional offices, updating them on issues including water, immigration, trade, farm policy and more. “Our key issues often remain constant, but our approach to resolving them has to change to reflect new circumstances,” CFBF President Paul Wenger says. “Certainly, circumstances in Washington ... Read More »
  • Priorities For Profitability

    Priorities For Profitability

    The NCC’s 2017 Economic Outlook was presented at the organization’s annual meeting in February. The National Cotton Council’s priorities for 2017 range from exploring all opportunities to improve cotton’s safety net to aggressively working to ease the regulatory burdens facing U.S. cotton producers. What are the NCC’s major 2017 priorities? As laid out to delegates at the NCC’s recent annual meeting, the NCC will be active in: 1) securing short-term economic assistance for cotton producers — which includes working to get a cottonseed policy in place as a bridge until the new farm bill is enacted; 2) strengthening cotton’s safety ... Read More »
  • Good Quality & Yield Help Offset Volatile Cotton Prices

    Good Quality & Yield Help Offset Volatile Cotton Prices

    Aaron Martinka Editor’s note: Cotton Farming editor Carroll Smith went into the field this fall to capture the story of farmers’ experiences with the new Deltapine Bollgard II XtendFlex varieties. Following is her special report. Texas cotton producer Aaron Martinka, who grew up in Williamson County, recalls helping his dad, Laddie, on the farm by tromping trailers and hauling cotton to the gin as a teenager. In 2005, fresh out of Texas A&M, he had an opportunity to pick up some ground on which he grew corn and wheat since it was not particularly suited for cotton. “I consider this ... Read More »