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Bad Bugs Of Summer

Protect yield and quality from cotton insect pests. By Carroll Smith Editor The boll weevil was a legendary cotton pest that tortured farmers for years. “Wanted” posters featuring the insect’s “mug shot” adorned the walls of many farm offices in South Texas. And songs were even written about the insect, including Brook Benton’s version in 1961. In this adaptation, the ... Read More »

Showtime Farms

Larron Copeland

Cotton and quail reflect the Southern traditions of this southwest Georgia operation By Carroll Smith, Editor When he was 18 years old, Larron Copeland purchased 30 acres from his father and began shaping what is now known as Showtime Farms in southwest Georgia. Today, he raises about 5,000 acres of cotton, corn, peanuts and soybeans with his wife, Laura, and ... Read More »

Harvesting The Crop

Missouri’s Rone Family Strives For Efficiency By Tommy Horton Defoliating and harvesting a cotton crop is like painting a picture. Unless everything is mixed together perfectly, the finished product won’t be that good. Some have even suggested that the entire exercise (defoliation and harvesting) is an art form, and it’s all about timing. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but that is ... Read More »

Missouri Program To Protect Bees

Missouri Pollinator Conservancy’s Future Goals Protect bees from pesticide drift problems. Promote dialogue among all industry groups. Specifically protect 400 species of bees in Missouri. Prove that the state can solve the problem by itself. Preserve bees’ contribution to value of crops. A new program developed by University of Missouri (MU) research entomologist, Moneen Jones, offers beekeepers an opportunity to ... Read More »

Staying With Cotton

Delta’s Justin Cariker Remains Committed To Reliable Crop The facts are clear. Cotton prices are a lot lower now than any farmer could have imagined several months ago. A year ago, everyone felt very positive about 80- to 85-cent prices. Today, the mood is different with a price hovering in the low to mid-60s. And, to nobody’s surprise, acreage projections ... Read More »

More Options Exist For Weed Control

It is another tool in the toolbox for cotton farmers. It will definitely help us out and is something that we need.” – Tucker Miller One fact is clear about today’s cotton production. Numerous strategies exist to deal with glyphosate-resistant weed outbreaks, and that is a plus for farmers in all parts of the Belt. Producers already had made remarkable ... Read More »

SeedMatrix Can Help In Variety Decisions

Cotton Incorporated and the Cooperative Extension cotton specialists across the Belt have partnered to combine field variety trial data in a single webbased resource called SeedMatrix. This online program provides access to new variety performance data. It is just one example of how the Cotton Research and Promotion Program leverages its funding to produce unbiased research, which generates information important ... Read More »