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Editor’s Note

Technology Continues To Evolve

In my early years as an ag journalist, one of the biggest challenges was fine-tuning the timing for getting in touch with farmers and university personnel who spent their days from sun up to sun down in the field. After leaving a message on their home and office phones, I waited patiently for a call back late in the afternoon ... Read More »

You Can’t Do The Wave By Yourself

A popular pastime for fans at stadium sporting events is doing “the wave,” especially if their team is winning. It starts with a group of people jumping up, throwing their arms in the air, and then sitting back down. Another group nearby follows suit, then another and another. Viewed from a distance, these antics look like a wave rolling through ... Read More »

Cotton’s Wow Factor

As the 2017 season gets underway, I am delighted and impressed by the “wow factor” reverberating throughout the cotton industry. One of the most exciting prospects is the cotton acreage increase expected across the Belt. According to the National Cotton Council’s 36th Annual Early Season Planting Intentions Survey, “U.S. cotton producers intend to plant 11 million cotton acres this spring, ... Read More »

‘To Everything There Is A Season’

As a Louisiana woman who cherishes so many memories of cotton, it was startling to me to see the once-white landscape give way to other crops in 2007. It wasn’t that I had never seen soybeans before. My Dad grew them but not as his main crop. And I had seen corn but mostly in small patches of sweet corn ... Read More »

Are Crystal Balls Overrated?

The origin of the crystal ball is most often attributed to the Celtic Druids, an ancient group of educated people purported to be from Gaul, a region in Western Europe. It’s hard to distinguish truth from myth when it comes to Druids because their history is anecdotal in nature. However, the crystal ball has survived the ages and continues to ... Read More »

The Winter Season: A Time To Reflect, Prepare

According to the ancient Roman calendar, which recognized only 10 months by name, March denoted the beginning of the year. One theory is that it was given this designation to coincide with the onset of the agricultural cycle. December, the last month of the year, comes from the Latin word decem, meaning 10. Interestingly, the winter months between December and ... Read More »

Give Thanks for all things

I was watching a college football game recently when a young player, who had not spent much scoring time in the end zone, made an amazing touchdown. He began celebrating in a fashion the official deemed “excessive” and was flagged for it. I could envision the announcer shaking his head as he said, and I paraphrase, “Son, act like you’ve ... Read More »