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The Missing Link


Problem weeds are just waiting for any weakness in your herbicide program; don’t let them break through. Envoke® herbicide, applied in-season alone or in a tank mix with glyphosate, provides excellent post-emergence and residual activity on weeds like morningglory, sicklepod, hemp sesbania, cocklebur and nutsedge. It’s the missing link cotton growers have been looking for.

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Tim Roberts
TennArk Crop Service
Dyersburg, Tenn.  

• BS degree in Agriculture – University of Arkansas at Monticello
• Full-time consultant for 28 years
• Partner with Billy Beegle for 23 years
• I enjoy spending time with my wife, Tracie, daughters Rachel
and Paula and new son-in-law David. I also enjoy hunting
and fishing when I have the time.

In this Q&A interview, Roberts talks about a consultant’s
challenges and rewards in today’s ag environment.

What services do you offer and how do they contribute to your farmer client’s profitability?

We provide a complete consulting service to our clients.
We soil sample in early fall, write fertilizer/lime recommendations and help with variety and technology selection. We begin cover crop and burndown recommendations in the fall and continue through planting. Recommendations are made for soil or seed insecticides, nematicides and fungicides. Our scouting program involves insecticides, herbicides, PGR’s, foliar feeding, irrigation and defoliation. We are currently evaluating several
variable rate methods. At the end of the season we begin again with variety comparison by yield, grade, turnout and overall profitability.

What have you found to be the best approach to processing information/ technology and sharing it with your farmer clients?

We attend Extension and university meetings in
Tennessee,Arkansas and Missouri, as well as the
Beltwide Cotton Conferences. Consultant meetings
provide an excellent venue for sharing information
and learning from fellow consultants. Industry sales reps/technical reps as well as retail/distributor personnel are very forthcoming and readily share their experiences with new products and technology. Our company does research that allows us to see products and varieties firsthand prior to commercial release. It is our job to analyze this information. Before making broad recommendations for a particular product, variety or technology, we assess their performance in large field trials.

As we look to the future, how would you describe the role of the cotton
consultant as the industry continues to evolve?

In my career, consultants have evolved from mainly insect scouts to a full service role. Good stewardship of technology, herbicides and insecticides to delay resistance is at the forefront for now. Variable rate technology is past the concept stage, moving to practical use. We will help determine which methods will be practical, user friendly, reliable and ultimately profitable. In our company, we are all crop consultants with an emphasis on cotton, but we will diversify into grain, too. There have been many changes in cotton production in the past 10 years, and there will be many more. The basics, however, remain the same. Our job description will grow, but sound farming practices will remain the same.

What has been the most rewarding part of your profession?

Farmers are the most versatile, honest and hard-working people I know. There are no tasks they will not try, and few tasks they cannot do. I am very fortunate to be able to make a living working with farmers. Being asked by one of my farmers to guess what a certain field made, then seeing him try to hide the smile on his face because it was so good is very enjoyable.


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