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Lots Of Options Await
Producers in ‘09

As expected, cotton producers will have numerous choices as they decide which seed varieties to plant in 2009.
The big question: Have producers observed test plot data and learned enough by studying their state’s Official Variety Trials (OVT)? Here are some updates from several companies:

Beginning in 2009, Monsanto’s D&PL business will introduce a new naming system to help producers better identify promising new cotton varieties for the Deltapine brand.

The new naming approach uses a four digit numbering system. The first two numbers indicate the year the variety was introduced, and the second two numbers show relative maturity. The uppercase abbreviation at the end of the name will continue to represent the included trait technology.

Two Deltapine varieties – DP 0924 B2RF and DP 0935 B2RF – were introduced last summer. 0924 is an early-mid maturity variety that is well adapted to the upper Mid-South. 0935 is a mid-maturing variety that should be well adapted across a broad spectrum of soils.

Other new Deltapine varieties are scheduled to be announced at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences in January.

New Varieties
DP 0924 B2RF
DP 0935 B2RF

Bayer CropScience
The company is expected to announce several new ‘09 varieties at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences in January. That announcement will follow Cotton Agronomic Trials at 140 locations across the Belt in ‘08.

Dow AgroSciences
PhytoGen’s WideStrike cotton continues as a popular choice for producers in the Mid-South and SE with its two-gene Bt for season-long protection against a broad spectrum of troublesome worm pests.

New Varieties
PHY 830

Americot has high hopes for two NexGen varieties slated for launch in 2009 – NG 3348 B2RF and NG 3410 RF. Both varieties are targeted for producers in the Southwest and feature high yield potential, excellent fiber package and good seedling vigor.

The varieties also feature stormproof qualities and verticilium wilt tolerance traits.

New Varieties
NG 3348 B2RF
NG 3410 RF

This Texas-based seed company will launch five new varieties in 2009 – three Roundup Ready Flex varieties and two conventional varieties.

The family-owned and operated business began delivering seed to Texas producers in 1974. It also does custom delinting of cottonseed.

New Varieties
Epic RF 65333
Patriot RF 65018
Orbit RF 65016
Conventional 1203
Conventional A102

CropLan Genetics
This company is the proprietary brand of the farmer-owned, full-line seed division of Land O’Lakes. Although no new varieties will be offered in ‘09, five varieties will be offered from last year because of continued yield success and performance.

After launching two new varieties in 2008 – DG 2400 RF and DG 2570 B2RF – the company won’t launch any new products in 2009 but will have a total of eight varieties in its 2009 portfolio.

The company will offer four varieties in 2008, including one new one – all geared toward Pima growing conditions in the San Joaquin Valley.

New Varieties

Seed Source Genetics
This company, based in Bishop, Texas, was formerly known as Seed Tec Genetics. It specializes in cold tolerant varieties for the northern part of the Cotton Belt.

It will offer six varieties for 2009.


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