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The Beltwide Cotton Conferences’ theme
was ‘Orchestrating Your Opportunities.’
How does that apply to producers


Cody Poage
All-Tex Seed Co.
Levelland, Texas

It seems to me that farmers are really focused on how they’re spending their money. They’ll have to be extra careful in their input costs to get things going this year. If a farmer does that, I think he can take advantage of a lot of opportunities. In those areas where soybean and corn acreage haven’t dramatically increased, I think you’ll see a good environment for cotton. The price upswing makes everybody feel better.

Dale Logan
Americot Seed Co.
Collierville, Tenn.

Speaking strictly as a seed salesman, I think farmers know they have plenty of choices out there – especially when it comes to the seed varieties they’ll plant. The future looks promising for all of us in the industry. Cotton prices are improving, and the theme of the Beltwide Cotton Conferences was definitely appropriate. Farmers need to make smart decisions and prepare for better days.

Richard Byler
USDA Ginning Lab
Stoneville, Miss.

Anytime you see changes occurring in the industry, there will always be new opportunities for farmers and ginners. But you need to pay attention to take advantage of those opportunities, and you need an understanding of the big picture. Whether it’s production management or ginning technology, it all comes down to learning the specifics and seeing how you can turn that into a profit in your own operation. I also think it’s imperative that producers and ginners work together and develop a mutual understanding of each other’s problems. In the long run, everybody benefits.

Tim Price
Southern Ginners Assoc.
Memphis, Tenn.

At the Beltwide in Nashville, you saw the theme of the conference really being put into action. Farmers and ginners were actively seeking out more information so that they could be in a position to take advantage of future opportunities. It’s all about taking the initiative and acting on it. And that’s what I see our farmers and ginners doing today as we prepare for the ‘08 season.

Ed Barnes
Cotton Incorporated
Cary, N.C.

I saw two opportunities coming out of the Beltwide Cotton Conferences pertaining to future opportunities. First, I think cotton producers will get a nice yield increase if they rotate with corn and soybeans. That wasn’t always the case in the past, but I think we have now learned how to make that rotation program work well. Second, I see a lot of different technologies for cotton that will benefit the farmer – from biotechnology to engineering technology. With these technologies, I think farmers can do a better job managing inputs. That’s a plus. I’m also proud of Cotton Incorporated and CCI’s efforts at building global demand. All of these factors give us hope for the future.


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