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Producers Need Planting Flexibility

Between fluctuating commodity prices and variable weather patterns, it’s more important than ever for cotton farmers to have the flexibility of making cropping decisions up until it’s time to put seed in the ground.

The last thing any producer wants is for weed control applications to hinder crop selection or planting schedules. A weed-free field that’s ready for planting when the time is right is key to a successful season.

DuPont’s FirstShot herbicide with TotalSol soluble granules is a new preplant, non-residual, nonvolatile, burndown herbicide that can be applied from zero to 14 days before planting, depending on the crop and soils.

“That means rice, barley, triticale and wheat can be planted the day of application,” says Marty Wojcik, U.S. cereals herbicide portfolio manager, DuPont crop protection. “Soybeans can be planted seven days after application, and a grower can plant cotton, field corn or grain sorghum 14 days after application.”

Control Tough Weeds

Not only does FirstShot herbicide give producers the option of changing cropping plans until right before planting, it also controls a variety of tough weeds, including henbit, Pennsylvania smartweed, curly dock, chickweed and others that are sometimes missed with a glyphosate/2,4-D tank mix.

“We were looking for a cost-effective product to add henbit control to our tankmix,” says Richard Griffing, a crop consultant based in Harrisonburg, La. “Last February, we added this herbicide to our glyphosate/2,4-D tankmix and had excellent henbit control.

“The extra window of control is also beneficial. If a grower rents a piece of land late or applications are delayed due to weather, it’s nice to have the option of applying a herbicide closer to planting. In a couple of our fields this year, we were running out of time, and I wasn’t able to include 2,4-D in the tankmix with glyphosate. I was glad to have this herbicide available.”

Clean Fields At Planting

With a minimum tillage operation, Chris Freeman, Jonesville, La., who grows cotton, soybeans and grain sorghum, doesn’t enter his fields until planting time.

“We want all the vegetation completely gone when we’re ready to plant,” he explains. “Over the past few years, controlling henbit has become progressively difficult.

“Older herbicides just weren’t killing it as well as they had in the past,” Freeman adds.

“The tankmix, including FirstShot herbicide, did a good job of controlling henbit this year — our fields looked good at planting.”

Aerial applicator Ross McCaughey, Low-Go Flyers, Inc., Jonesville, La., treated about 5,000 acres with the product this year and reports good results with it.

“It worked really well,” he says. “From the air, we saw brown, dead weeds shortly after application. It also mixed easily with the other products, which is important for us.”

Wojcik echoes that assessment.

“A burndown herbicide tankmix that includes FirstShot helps growers kill tough weeds such as henbit before they become too large and more difficult to control,” he says.

“This removes weed competition from the young crop and helps growers maximize their revenue potential in today’s competitive markets.”

For additional product label information about FirstShot herbicide, go to cropprotection.dupont.com.

DuPont contributed information for this article.

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