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Despite recent drought conditions, can Texas produce another record cotton crop this year?


Tom Owen
Delta & Pine Land Co.
Lubbock, Texas

We still have the potential to have another great year if we can get some good rainfall soon. The same thing happened to us last year, and the rains wound up getting here in mid-season, and we finished the year with perfect conditions. What we need now is some planting moisture to go with the moisture we already have deep in the soil. We’ve still got time because May is when we normally plant our cotton. Like I said, the potential is there for another fabulous crop.

Steve Chapman
Lorenzo, Texas

I definitely think we can have another good cotton crop on the High Plains. We need some rain, but I’m optimistic about the technology we’ve seen and the improvement in the varieties from the seed companies. It’s a huge opportunity for us. Provided the weather cooperates, the bar has been set pretty high for yields, quality and even higher prices. We have proven that we can compete with anybody.

Terry Littlefield
Plant Health Care
Mounds, Okla.

I have talked to a lot of farmers and retailers in the Lubbock area, and they think there is plenty of subsoil moisture to help produce another big crop. it’s a little dry on top, but if they get a two or three-inch rain, they’ll be in good shape. Texas has a chance for another big crop, and I think farmers are patiently waiting on that next rain before they start preparations for planting. It might be the latest they’ve waited in many years, but they’re optimistic. The encouraging thing to me is how cotton farmers are sticking with this crop and not reducing their acreage. They are committed to cotton for the long haul.

Gerry Cole
Lubbock Electric
Lubbock, Texas

Last year was a fantastic crop for cotton farmers on the High Plains, and I’m very optimistic that we have a chance to duplicate that this year. I think we still have time to get more rain. This is how it looked like last year, and we managed to pull it off. I think we can do it again. All of the ag industries out here are affected by the farmer’s success. We do a lot of work for gins and producers with irrigated acreage, so we understand what’s happening on the turnrow. No matter how you view things, these are exciting times.

Kenny Melton
Bayer CropScience
Lubbock, Texas

I think we certainly have a chance at making another great crop in Texas. Going into last year, things didn’t look too good for us. So the potential is always there. Our deep subsoil moisture is very similar to what it was in 2007, and that gives me a lot of encouragement. Actually, I saw one report that said our subsoil moisture is better than what it was last year. We could still do fine. We had some showers here in Lubbock recently, and I thought that was a good sign that we’ll be all right. We could go into late May before planting, so I remain encouraged about the prospects.


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