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Valley Irrigation Introduces GPS-Ready Control Panels

Valley Irrigation, a technology leader in precision irrigation, is introducing the industry’s first line of GPS Ready irrigation control panels. The GPS Ready PRO2 Pivot Control Panel and GPS Ready AutoPilot Linear Control Panel currently are available from Valley dealers. The GPS Ready Select2 Pivot Control Panel will be available later this year.

“All of our computerized control panels will be GPS Ready, which means producers will be able to easily take advantage of the benefits of GPS technology,” says Rich Panowicz, manager, Valley Irrigation aftermarket sales and product management. “Producers need to be able to manage precision application of water and fertilizers.”

The GPS Ready control panels from Valley Irrigation differ from other control panels on the market because they perform the necessary GPS position calculations right in the control panel, therefore eliminating the need for external computers on the machine.

They also are compatible with different types of GPS receivers, including WAAS-enabled receivers. This means producers can pick the GPS receiver with the accuracies necessary to meet the required management needs.

For more information, go to the Web site at www.valmont.com.

AutoFarm Launches Reflex Technology

When you’re in the field and running with GPS hands-free steering, you want to maintain maximum uptime of your high accuracy steering signal.

“That’s precisely why AutoFarm has introduced Reflex Technology, now built into our RTK Steering Systems, including A5 RTK AutoSteer and the FarmPRO GPS Steering and Application Control System,” says Justin Larouche, AutoFarm Director of Product Management.

Reflex Technology provides continuity of position solution to maintain automated steering by seamlessly “flexing” to a lower accuracy mode when a higher accuracy mode is lost; such as loss of the RTK radio link.

Reflex offers multiple signal selection, allowing the operator to jump from RTK to WAAS with blockage, or OmniSTAR to WAAS. Reflex is constantly running OmniSTAR and WAAS in the background, “flexes” to whichever provides the best solution when necessary, then automatically returns to the higher accuracy mode as soon as it becomes available.

Ehler Bros. Fertilizer has been testing the AutoFarm FarmPRO GPS Steering & Application Control System with Reflex Technology. Ehler Bros., an independent custom applicator and retailer in the seed business, has covered approximately 20,000 acres with the system.

For more information go to the company Web site at www.gpsfarm.com.

Syngenta’s Defoliant Receives Registration

Syngenta has announced that Cyclone Star herbicide has received federal registration for use in cotton from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as state registrations in Texas and Oklahoma. Combining the harvest aid partners of Gramoxone Inteon and Aim herbicides, Cyclone Star offers strong activity that cotton producers need to defoliate their crops effectively, according to a company statement.

Cyclone Star should be applied as a harvest aid to defoliate and desiccate cotton and take down troublesome weeds that may be present at harvest. The product’s two-chamber jug is conveniently designed for application on either eight or 10 acres per container. It may be used alone or as a tank mixture with other cotton harvest aids.

For additional information, go to www.syngenta.com.

Deere Showcasing New Utility Tractors

Utility tractors ranging from 45 to 105 engine horsepower have many uses for property owners, commercial operators, governmental maintenance fleets and livestock and farm operations. To better serve the diverse requirements of these different type customers, John Deere introduces a new line of utility tractors: the 5D, 5E, 5E Limited and 5M Series.

These new tractors are designed to perform any application, with any implement, within any budget to meet the needs of customers in the utility tractor market.

The 5D and 5E Series range in horsepower from 45 to 75 and offer John Deere reliability and durability at very economical prices. The 5D Series is only offered with a two-wheel-drive (2WD) axle compared to the 5E which offers 2WD or mechanical-front-wheel-drive (MFWD) configurations.

These open station tractors feature synchronized transmissions designed for smooth shifting and easy-to-reach, color-coded controls for simple operation. Low on the frills and price, but high on durability and performance, these tractors provide a simple, economical solution that’s just right for many customers.

The 5M Series Tractors range in horsepower from 65 – 105 engine hp. These higher-end machines feature new transmissions, increased lift capacities, more stability for larger implements and a new operator environment for increased comfort and productivity.

For more information, visit the Web site at www.JohnDeere.com/Ag.

Case’s Ecolo-Tiger Helps In Stalk Destruction

Producers know that preparing fields for planting, especially following Bt corn, really begins at harvest. They require a tillage solution that’s rugged, productive and agronomically sound to properly condition soil and residue in advance of later planting operations.

That’s the sweet spot for the new Case IH ecolo-tiger 870. It combines a solid frame design with innovative shanks, disks and optional leveling attachments to size and settle tough soil clods and residues while operating up to an industry-leading 7 mph.

The ecolo-tiger 870 comes with 24-inch individual disks or optional huge 26-inch cushion gang disks. Twelve-inch spacing between gang disks, with a split-the-middle gang position front to back, reduces stalk size for improved flow and better mixing.

Stable, rugged running gear handles the load. It features 8-bolt or 10-bolt wheels, high-performance tires and heavy duty replaceable spindles. For more information, call 1-877-4CASEIH or go to http://www.caseih.com/na.

Vector 300 Chassis May Cut Fertilizer Costs

Southeast Ag Equipment is proud to announce the 2008 Vector 300 chassis with New Leader L4000 spreader box. The 2008 Vector 300 is manufactured by RBR and distributed through Southeast Ag Equipment and Mid-South Ag Equipment.

The Vector 300 4x4 chassis is built on a tubular frame with a 300 hp Cummins engine, Allison automatic transmission and Axle Tech axles. The chassis is designed for pre and post- emerge applications.

With increasing fertilizer input costs, topdressing wheat, corn, cotton, sweet potatoes, and tobacco with dry fertilizer becomes a viable practice.

The Vector 300 is available with the new Viper Pro variable rate controller, automatic conveyor control and autosteer system.

The new Leader L4000 spreader box offers proven swath widths of 80’-90’ on fertilizer and 60’ on lime. For more information, contact a representative from your local distributor.

Leica, TeeJet Form New Partnership

Leica Geosystems and TeeJet Technologies have announced an agreement that will provide new precision agriculture solutions for farmers. Combining the technologies of these companies means innovative new products and solutions for producers. These technologies will bring welcomed efficiencies as growers face rising input costs.

Under the agreement, TeeJet will private-label and distribute Leica’s No-Drift mojoRTK auto-steer system adding RTK-accuracy guidance to their suite of precision agriculture products.

Under the same agreement Leica will capitalize on TeeJet Technologies’ range of vehicle-specific assisted steering kits to vastly increase the number of tractors the mojoRTK can steer. The list of kits offered by TeeJet currently tops more than 50 individual kits, designed to fit approximately 150 individual vehicle models.

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