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Lubbock Electric
65 Years Of Service


When a company celebrates 65 years of service to the ginning industry, it figures that its reputation speaks for itself. That is exactly the case with Lubbock Electric, which has earned a reputation for reliability and customer service.

Most ginners in Texas know how important equipment suppliers are to their success. If equipment breaks down at the gin, it is important that the manager knows who he can call to get quick service.

You might say the job of a company such as Lubbock Electric is akin to being a doctor on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“My whole career I’ve worried about keeping those shafts turning in gins,” says Steve Moffett, manager of Lubbock Electric. “It gives me a lot of satisfaction when we can send a technician to a gin and have that gin back up and running in a short time.”

The mission of this company has remained the same for 65 years: Keep gins operating as efficiently and reliably as possible. The company was originally founded in 1944 by Paul Bush and opened for business in a rented building in downtown Lubbock.

In those days, the company consisted of one service truck and five employees. The formula for customer service must have been a good one, because by the early 1980s, the company had more than 40 distributorships in the region and six district service departments.

Today the growth of Lubbock Electric is evident when a first-time visitor sees the headquarters office, which occupies more than 100,000 square feet of office, warehouse and shop space. The payroll has 85 employees, operating more than 50 service vehicles.

“The name of our company is somewhat misleading,” says Moffett. “We pretty much offer service on any component you can find in ginning equipment. What we try to do is provide a niche market and offer the gin anything it needs to keep running all the time.”

Not surprisingly, 60 percent of Lubbock Electric’s business is in the ginning business, proving just how diverse its service is in the High Plains region.

Moffett is particularly excited to once again be a part of the TCGA Annual Meeting and Trade Show. He and his associates will be in their traditional Booth (43, 44 and 45) and are introducing a new product this year – the SmartFlow flooded-suction press pump. The company has been building hydraulic power units for the ginning industry since the early 1960s with the goal to combine simple design and rugged construction.

The long history of Lubbock Electric’s service to the Texas ginning industry hasn’t gone unnoticed. Willis Taubert, manager at Cotton Center Farmers Cooperative Gin in Cotton Center, says it takes a special company to keep gins running smoothly.

“It all comes down to the fact that when a gin is down, it’s costing us money,” says Taubert. “That’s why it’s nice that there are companies out there like Lubbock Electric. They get the job done quickly and are a big asset to the ginning industry. Our suppliers are that important to us.”


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