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Southwest Ginners School


A Continuing Education course with an emphasis on topics important to gin owners and managers will be offered at the 2009 Ginner Schools. The dates and locations of the 2009 Ginner Schools are as follows:

Southwest Ginners School, Lubbock, Texas – March 30-April 1; Western Ginners School, Las Cruces, N.M. – May 12-14; and Stoneville Ginners School, Stoneville, Miss. – June 9-11.

Registration information for the schools is available at http://ncga.cotton.org.

National Cotton Ginners Association (NCGA) Executive Vice President Harrison Ashley says that the Level I, II and III curriculums will be offered along with a Continuing Education course.

Level I courses are: Introduction to Cotton Ginning and the Industry; Maintenance of Auxiliary Gin Components; Basic Hydraulics; Basic Gin Safety; Maintenance and Adjustments for Seed Cotton Cleaners, Gin Stands and Lint Cleaners; Air Utilization and Drying; and Electricity in the Gin.

The Level II offerings include: Purpose and Operating Principles of Individual Gin Machines; Efficient Operation, Adjustment and Maintenance of Gin Equipment; Pneumatics and Waste Collection; Electrical Systems; Hydraulic Systems; Gin Safety; Management Tips; and Roller Ginning (at the Western School only).

Level III features: Review of Functions of a Ginning System; Electrical Systems; Air Systems in the Gin; Drying and Moisture Restoration Systems; Matching Machinery Capacities in the System; Seed Cotton Unloading Systems and Management of Seed Cotton Handling Systems; Bale Presses and Hydraulic Systems; Safety Programs and Labor Regulations; Cottonseed Handling Systems; and Roller Ginning (at the Western School only).

In addition to Levels I, II and III, all schools will feature a two-day Continuing Education (CE) course. At the Lubbock school, this will include a tour of the Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute at Texas Tech University and presentations from Cotton Incorporated and Cotton Council International.

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