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Welcome to Lubbock

By Tony Williams
TCGA Executive Vice President

It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to the 102nd Annual Meeting and Cotton Trade Show of the Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association. The officers, executive committee, board of directors and staff hope you enjoy the show. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you while you are attending our event.

The theme for this year’s show is “Meeting the Challenges.” This theme is meant to reflect on the challenges our industry is currently facing and will have to tackle to survive. Certainly, the current U.S. recession and financial crisis, along with the world economic downturn, is being felt by almost everyone.

For us in the cotton industry it has resulted in a decrease in consumer purchases, including textiles, which means less cotton will be consumed in the next year or two. This means less demand for raw cotton by domestic, and more importantly, foreign textile mills.

While TCGA cannot do much about the economy, we can help our members comply with government laws and regulations and inform them about the latest developments within the industry. Also, TCGA can develop programs for the benefit of its members, like it did with the Texas Cotton Ginners’ Trust.

To compete in today’s competitive global market we depend upon our technological superiority. Our advanced technology, along with superior infrastructure, has kept the U.S. cotton industry as a major producer of raw cotton.

We must meet the challenge of maintaining these competitive advantages. This means we have to make further advancements with technology to keep our cost of production low while producing a quality product. I have confidence in the people in this industry to meet such a challenge.

As you walk around the exhibits, be looking for ways you can make your gin more competitive. Exhibitors are here to show you their latest technologies to help you become more efficient by lowering your operating costs. The show also affords you the opportunity to meet and visit with other ginners in the industry and learn what they are doing in their ginning operations.

Welcome to Lubbock.

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