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Cotton Finds A New Use In Wall Covering

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Cotton Incorporated has a reputation around the world for conducting innovative research related to cotton, cotton production and the processing of cotton textiles.

The organization’s award-winning “The Fabric of Our Lives” television advertising campaigns are credited with resurrecting U.S. consumer demand for cotton in the United States. While some of the cotton products they promote are created with program funds, some are not, but are so unique, Cotton Incorporated recognizes their potential to increase overall cotton consumption, so it assists in their promotion.

Such is the case with a new and very innovative wall covering called U.S. Cotton Wall Covering. Created from a patented mixture of natural cotton fibers and minerals in a high-density composition, the wall covering is an aesthetic and sustainable wall and ceiling surface covering for both homes and businesses.

Warm, Quiet And Beautiful

“The unique composition of materials in the wall covering, including cotton, provides distinctive benefits not offered by paint, wallpaper or other decorative finishes,” says Tom Wedegaertner, director, cottonseed marketing & research for Cotton Incorporated. Wedegaertner oversaw the installation of the wall covering in two conference rooms within Cotton Incorporated’s world headquarters in Cary, N.C.

“The acoustic and thermal value of cotton creates an energy-efficient space that is warm and quiet, while adding the visual beauty of a natural product.”

Going Green In Home Designs

Exclusively distributed by Specialty Finishes in Springfield, Neb., U.S. Cotton Wall Covering is a growing favorite among “green” home designs and has been showcased at the Street of Dreams and Parade of Homes in several major U.S. cities.

“U.S. Cotton Wall Covering offers a low carbon footprint by sourcing U.S. cotton, and it’s a conscientious alternative to petroleum-based vinyl wall finishings,” notes Wedegaertner.

The mixture is hand-applied and custom-mixed to match a color palette limited only by one’s imagination.

“It’s a very unique product and is ideal for bathrooms because it absorbs and releases excess moisture while resisting peeling, molding or fading,” says Tim Bell, owner of Specialty Finishes, the U.S. company that exclusively distributes the product.

Easy Maintenance

If the wall covering becomes punctured, it is easily repaired simply by moistening the area and smoothing it over with a spackling trowel. U.S. Cotton Wall Covering is available only through certified installers across the United States and is not available at retail. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can receive training to become installers during a two-day class offered in Omaha, Cincinnati and Houston.

U.S. Cotton Wall Covering has been certified by the renowned Institute for Baubiologe in Rosenheim, Germany – which is considered the gold standard for testing safe and healthy building products. For more information, log on to

The Cotton Board, which administers the Cotton Research and Promotion Program conducted by Cotton Incorporated, contributed information for this article.

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