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CF Magazine Becomes Ginners’ Main Resource

Tommy Horton
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In a move that enhances an already strong relationship, the National Cotton Ginners Association (NCGA) has announced that Cotton Farming magazine will now become the official publication for the ginning and oilseed processing industries in the United States. In particular, the magazine will be the main resource for ginners and suppliers who want to place classified ads for equipment and help wanted postings.

Harrison Ashley, NCGA executive vice president, and Lia Guthrie, publisher of Cotton Farming, made the joint announcement.

The new relationship between the magazine, ginning sector and oilseed processors continues the historic partnership originally begun by Cotton Gin & Oil Mill Press magazine and its late editor, Don Swanson. That magazine ceased publication in early 2009 shortly after Swanson’s death.

“I am pleased to be making this announcement,” says Ashley. “When ginners lost Cotton Gin & Oil Mill Press, they lost the ability to have a centralized location for information regarding gin equipment and anything going on within the ginning industry.

“We feel that it is important to have this agreement with Cotton Farming magazine. We also are looking forward to the advertising aspect of this relationship as well as the ability to promote programs such as our Gin Schools and meetings.”

Expansion Of CF Relationship

Guthrie echoed those comments and called it a special opportunity for Cotton Farming to expand an already strong bond with cotton ginners and cottonseed oil processors.

“We are especially proud to continue the legacy and tradition that Cotton Gin & Oil Mill Press started many years ago under Don Swanson’s leadership,” she adds. “Our magazine has enjoyed a special relationship with Texas cotton ginners for many  years with our sponsorship of the Texas Cotton Ginners Association’s Annual Meeting and Trade Show. We look forward to expanding this relationship with ginners across the Cotton Belt.”

The new ginning section will be identified as the “Cotton Ginners’ Marketplace” and will initially be available on the Cotton Farming Web site at

Anyone going to this section online will find listings for ginning equipment as well as help wanted ads. The section will also have news from the ginning and oilseed industries and a calendar of events.

Within a short period of time, the “Cotton Ginners’ Marketplace” will also be published on a regular basis in the printed version of Cotton Farming. In addition to classified ads for ginning equipment and help wanted postings, special ginning stories will be published in this section of the magazine.

Important Opportunity

Ashley reports that it is important for ginners to have a central location for the dissemination of this information. According to the latest NASS Ginnings report, the total number of U.S. gins operating in 2009 stood at 679.

“Even though the ginning sector has had its share of consolidation in recent years, it still has the capability to handle an 18 to 20-million bale crop, if necessary,” he says. “The gins that remain are maximizing efficiencies and have adopted new technologies. This contributes to a more efficient cotton ginning industry.”

Cotton Farming has had a working relationship with TCGA that dates back nearly 20 years. At each TCGA annual meeting, the magazine makes a special contribution to the organization’s scholarship fund for Texas Tech University students.

“Our magazine has enthusiastically invested in the future of our industry by supporting the TCGA scholarship fund,” says Guthrie. “And in a similar way, we feel that this new partnership is another investment.”

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