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Cotton Board: Knowing When To Quit
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Companies Help In War On Weeds
PCG’s Cottonseed Insurance Now Offered
Deltapine Launches Two New Varieties
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Editor's Note: Industry's Enthusiasm Hard To Contain This Year
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Web Poll: Reaction To Ag Apps For Cell Phones
Viewpoint: Want Cotton Quality? Go To Texas
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Cotton Ginners Marketplace: Know Your Ginning Costs: The Key To Survival
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My Turn: Cotton People Won’t Quit

Industry News

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BASF Presents Online Educational Program

BASF Corporation has introduced an online, interactive educational module – The new learning program, customized by region, provides education on disease control, plant health benefits and resulting yield advantages of F500, the active ingredient found in Headline fungicide, Headline AMP fungicide and TwinLine fungicide.

Some of the key F500 features outlined in the educational session include: Control of a wide variety of fungal diseases in corn, soybeans, sugar beets, sorghum, wheat, cotton and peanuts; and increased plant health through growth efficiency, disease control and stress tolerance.

For more details on the BASF fungicide portfolio and to learn how fungicides can help control disease and provide plant health benefits, visit

Cotton Industry Leader Samuel Jackson Dies

Samuel Jackson, Inc., has announced that its company founder, Samuel G. Jackson, passed away in the early hours of Nov. 17 in Lubbock, Texas, at the age of 85.

Jackson’s father, S.B. Jackson, had pioneered many 20th century cotton industry innovations, including the first acid delinting process for cottonseed and the use of chemical additives in cotton moisture control.

Samuel Jackson’s cotton career started with further exploration of moisture control issues and spanned more than 60 years. During that time he researched, designed and manufactured important products and methods to help improve the cotton ginning process through advanced moisture control techniques.

Jackson retired as company president in 1990 and served in a new role as a senior engineer and adviser for many years.

Ag Leader Steps Up Seed Monitoring System

Ag Leader has announced the February 2011 release of its Advanced Seed Monitoring through the Seed-Command system. Advance Seed Monitoring – available on the Integra display – provides planter performance monitoring of seed meter singulation, skips/doubles and spacing quality and population and spacing information for all rows when corn planting.

The Integra display features a full-screen planter performance view that includes display items and bar graphs for population, singulation, skips/doubles and spacing quality.

All of these features are available while the display is simultaneously performing guidance, mapping and AutoSteer functions.

For more information, please visit

PhytoGen Launches New, Improved Web Site

PhytoGen has recently launched a new and improved Web site at The site has been redesigned to provide cotton producers with the latest variety information based on geographic location. The new resource is one of many steps PhytoGen has taken to help cotton producers make the right choice for their farming operations.

The site features new tools and functionality that allow producers to find relevant PhytoGen cottonseed variety information based on their location. Visitors to the site locate their home state and are quickly provided with the PhytoGen cotton varieties appropriate to their geography.

Research data and other information will be added as it becomes available, so producers are encouraged to visit regularly. A resource center hosts press releases, newsletters, variety guides and articles. Additional content includes information about the cotton protection portfolio from Dow Agro-Sciences and upcoming events and field days.

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