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USDA Increases Assistance To Military
Cottonseed Oil In Beignets?
New Calif. Ag Leader Earns Praise
Cotton's Agenda: Raising Beltway Awareness
What Customers Want: Fabric Quality Helps Deliver Best Garments
Farm Bureau Wants Safety Net
Value Of Foliar Feeding And Petiole Testing
Upbeat Mood Evident At BWCC In Atlanta
Mark Nemec — 2010 CCOY winner
California Ag Tries To Adjust To Budget Cuts
Mid-South Gin Show
Clinton, Stabenow To Speak At Ag Forum
Editor's Note: Memorable Road Trip To North Alabama
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Web Poll: Potential Effects Of 2010 Elections
Viewpoint: How Cotton Cleaned Up Its Act
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: BWCC Ginning Conference Discusses ‘Capacity Robbers’
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Cotton Consultants Corner: Variety Selection, Residuals Are Key
My Turn: A Year Of Changes
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Short Line Manufacturing Launches Ripper Bedder

Short Line Manufacturing of Shaw, Miss., has announced the commercial release of its new Ripper/Bedder with one-inch parabolic shanks. The new equipment also has BlueJet 20-inch coulters and floating Buster Tool Bar.

It is available in any row pattern available with a 5 by 7 tool bar frame.

For additional information, contact Dennis Shaw at (662) 754-6858.

Deltapine, West Texas Gins To Support Local FFA Chapters

Deltapine and cotton gins across West Texas have teamed up to support the Texas FFA Association in providing educational opportunities for members about the importance of cotton yields and production in Texas.

The program is open to chapters in FFA Area I and Area II in West Texas and includes a video contest for FFA members and a sweepstakes for cotton producers. The prizes awarded in the video contest and sweepstakes combined could result in up to $10,000 of cash donation to West Texas FFA chapters.

FFA members will visit a gin and interview farmers or ginners during harvest season. For additional information, interested parties can visit

Amadas Industries Offers Round Module Handler,
Stalker Puller/Chopper For New Crop Season

Amadas Industries has announced the commercial release of its new RMH 1000 and RMH 1010 Round Module Handlers for cotton harvesting, as well as the Hi-Speed Cotton Stalk Puller/Chopper system.

In the Round Module Handler, each fork is effectively supported, and its movement controlled by four rollers with hardened, greasable steel bushings on a 6” by 6” square tubing lower arm. Ground and truck bed contact is reduced, allowing for a smoother pickup and module release.

The Cotton Stalk Puller/Chopper provides a unique, integrated system for extracting harvest cotton stalks, in-cluding the root system, and then chopping them into smaller pieces.

The major advantage of this new system over conventional mowing, is that the crop’s root system is removed, which allows a more effective breakup of the life cycle of insects and diseases that overwinter in the remaining stalk.

For more information on both of these items, interested parties should go to or call (219) 439-2217.

Ag Secretary Vilsack Announces Appointments To Cotton Board

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced the appointment of 19 members and 19 alternates to the Cotton Board.  All appointees will serve three-year terms, beginning Jan. 1, 2011 and ending Dec. 31, 2013

Re-appointed producer members:

V. Larkin Martin, Courtland, Ala.
Edward E. Dement, Sikeston, Mo.
Dwight W. Menefee, Lake Arthur, N.M.
Arthur W. James, Jr., Sumter, S.C.
Willie L. German, Jr., Somerville, Tenn.
Madison Farmer, Lamesa, Texas.
Craig D. Shook, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Re-appointed brand/retailer members:

Gary E. Ross, Yardley, Pa.
Werner Bieri, Jefferson, Ga.
John D. Clark, Los Angeles, Calif.
Arlene M. Eastwood, Neptune, N.J.
A. Mark Neuman, Champaign, Ill.
Peter M. McGrath, Plano, Texas.

Newly appointed producer members:

David J. DeFelix, Campellton, Fla.
James L. Webb, Leary, Ga.
Suzanne R. Douhard, Harper, Kan.
Clint D. Abernathy, Altus, Okla.
Lance V. Everett, Stony Creek, Va.
Newly appointed brand/ retailer member:
Michael D. Wallace, Bentonville, Ark.

Re-appointed producer alternate members:

Walter L. Corcoran, Eufaula, Ala.
Jack L. Joy, Artesia, N.M.
Robert D. Robbins, Altus, Okla.
Larry W. Rice, Covington, Tenn.
Kenneth W. Dierschke, San Angelo, Texas.
Debra R. Barrett, Edroy, Texas.

Re-appointed brand/retailer alternate members:

Sarah F. Kay, Charlotte, N.C.
Helga L. Ying, San Francisco, Calif.

Newly appointed producer alternate members:

Alan J. Edwards, Jay, Fla.
Michael S. Moore, Elko, Ga.
Thomas L. Lahey, Moscow, Kan.
George L. Rone, Portageville, Mo.
Francis G. Darby Jr., Chester, S.C.
Marvin L. Everett III, Capron, Va.

Newly appointed brand/retailer alternate members:

Rajiv Malik, Corte Madera, Calif.
Barbara A. Rozsas, Garnet Valley, Pa.
Patricia M. Reber, Plymouth, Minn.
Laura M. Anderson, New York, N.Y.
Marilyn C. Kloner, New York, N.Y.

For additional information, go to

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