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It Matters What Your Customers Want

By Richard Shaw
Certified FiberMax Manager
Bayer CropScience
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Richard Shaw Quality Cotton Still In Demand
Over the past few years, this column has hosted the comments and opinions of dozens of cotton, textile and apparel leaders from around the world. FiberMax cotton from Bayer CropScience has supported this effort for the purpose of giving you, the cotton producer, a perspective on what your customers – from the field to consumers – demand from today’s cotton.

Production of quality upland cotton has soared over the past five years as mills around the world discovered the benefits of using quality fiber from varieties such as FiberMax. Is that by accident or luck? I don’t think so. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at what some of the contributors to this column have said over the past year.

Industry Leaders Agree On Quality
“Quality matters more than ever before.” – Jeff Streader, Apparel Executive.

“The foundation of a great denim is a great yarn, which has all the desired characteristics of strength, appearance, durability, hand-feel and so on.” – Stefano Aldighieri, Fashion Designer.

“In this market, a reliable cost-effective supply of high quality cotton will help meet the needs of the downstream channels.” – Dwight Boyd, Apparel Executive.

“FiberMax cotton has become more and more popular due to its promotion efforts and high quality,” – Wenny Wang, China Cotton Merchant.

“A really good T-shirt not only feels great at the point of purchase, but after 20 washes the garment does not pill or show neps. Ideally, a garment washed frequently should look the way it did when it was purchased.” – Andrew Olah, Denim Expert.

Now, more than ever, quality is paramount for textile and clothing firms around the world. It is essential to maintaining demand in the export market, which consumes up to 80 percent of the cotton you produce. As the new year begins, we will search out even more contributors from around the world so that you will be informed about what customers want.

From Fiber To Fabric


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