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What Customers Want: It Matters What Your Customers Want
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It Pays To Adapt To Changing Environment

By Paul Cavazos
Vice President
Olah, Inc.
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Paul CavazosDefining The Brand
My name is Paul Cavazos, vice president of Olah, Inc. Our company resides in the cotton textile and apparel manufacturing industries. We exist in the broadest middle of the apparel industry – somewhere between your cotton broker and the store where you purchase your family’s apparel. Our success comes from defining a brand’s needs, supplying top-quality textiles at the proper timeline and transacting for the right price. We love Certified FiberMax cotton and use it in our cotton textile development every chance we can.

Business Is Changing
I’ve been in the apparel industry for what seems like a very long eight seconds. The ride has been bumpy, to say the least. We now stand at a time when traditional handling methods for everything from raw materials to consumable products are changing our business methods and keeping many of us awake at night. Tools to measure consumer preferences are evolving almost as fast as those preferences. In spite of all the changes in the apparel industry, retail brands still demand topquality cotton.

Here’s what a few of the top product developers are saying: Kimberly Stobino, J. Crew Fabric R&D Director: “For men’s that we can wash heavily. Our product is better than other American brands, and we need to use top-quality cotton so our consumers keep coming back.”

Benjamin Smith, Design Director for Earnest Sewn Jeans: “Consistency in product is where it’s at. Our jeans are not cheap. We buy from mills that use the best cotton yarns so they can deliver with consistency.”

Maegen Neubeck, Product Manager for Banana Republic: “Banana Republic requires tough testing standards. If we don’t use strong, quality cotton, we can’t deliver. Period.”

I’d love your feedback. What do you want for your family’s cotton apparel today? Write me at and let me know what you think.

From Fiber To Fabric


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