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Georgia Quality Cotton Winners Honored In Special Ceremony

For the seventh straight year, the Georgia Quality Cotton Awards were presented at the University of Georgia’s Tifton Conference Center. The awards program is co-sponsored by the Georgia Cotton Commission and Bayer CropScience and administered by the University of Georgia Cotton Team.

The purposes of the awards are to recognize producers and ginners of high-quality cotton fiber and to identify their general management practices for the benefit of other cotton producers in the state.

The producers and their gins received a plaque, and the winning producers received a $500 cash award. The winners’ Extension agents were also recognized, as they work closely with the farmers during the production season.

The Best Cotton Award, initiated in last year’s awards program, continued in 2012. This year’s Best Cotton Award winners are Dennis and Jerry Rhodes from Wilcox County for producing cotton with the highest loan value and premium out of all of the awards given in the program.

The awards are given in each of these three cotton acreage categories: 1) less than 500 acres, 2) 500 to 1,000 acres and 3) more than 1,000 acres within the four regions of the state. Winners in these categories are determined by the loan value (LV) and premiums (P).



Dennis and Jerry Rhodes – Wilcox County Agent Tim Smith – Pitts Gin Company – 56.489/LV – 4.489/P.

Jeff Wilson – Turner County Agent Scott Utley – Worth Gin – 55.514/LV – 3.514/P.

Gary Oliver and Ben Shivers of SOS Farms – Turner County Agent Scott Utley – Arabi Gin – 54.593/LV – 2.593/P.


Both winners, in categories 1 and 3 are from Jefferson County, whose agent is Jim Crawford, and both gin with Midville Warehouse, Inc.

Stephen Nikkel – 56.093/LV – 4.093/P.

Heath Wilson – 53.825/LV – 1.825/P.


All three winners farm in Brooks County, where Johnny Whiddon is the Extension agent, and they gin with BCT Gin Company.

Brandon Mitchell – 56.404/LV – 4.404/P.

Charles Dodd – 55.515/LV – 3.515/P.

Randy Dewitt of Dewitt Farms – 55.607/LV – 3.607/P.


Travis Braswell – Seminole County Agent Rome Ethredge – Clover Leaf Gin – 56.036/LV – 4.036/P.

Joe Sapp – Mitchell County – BCT Gin Company, Berlin Division – 56.095/LV – 4.095/P.

Raymond Thompson of 3RT Farms – Seminole County Agent Rome Ethredge – Clover Leaf Gin – 55.375/LV – 3.375/P.

MANA Wins Ruling In Special Patent Case

The Makhteshim Agan Group (MAI) is pleased to announce that the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina ruled in favor of the company regarding litigation initiated by BASF Agro BV and Bayer SAS in April 2010.

The Court granted a motion for summary judgment, and found that Makhteshim Agan North America's (MANA) and Control Solution Inc.'s (CSI) fipronil insecticide product, would not infringe the patents remaining in litigation.

In June 2011, MAI’s affiliate CSI launched sales of fipronil based products under the brand names Taurus for the professional pest control market and Prefurred for companion animal use.

The active ingredient is used in crop protection mainly for treatment of cotton, potatoes, rice and seed treatment in addition to broad uses for non-crop applications. For more information, visit

AGCO Equipment Captures Top Honor

Two top-of-the-line models of application equipment manufactured and marketed by AGCO Corporation have been named winners of this year’s prestigious AE50 award by The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE).

Both of the 2012 AE50 winners – the RoGator RG-1300 row crop sprayer and TerraGator TG-8400 flotation applicator – were honored by the ASABE for their innovative design and as products that will save farmers time, input costs and labor while improving user safety.

According to the ASABE, whose members are leaders in the production, transport, storage and use of renewable resources, the products winning the AE50 awards represent the best products developed around the world for the agricultural, food and biological systems engineering industries.

Award winners include companies of all sizes and varying inventive focus.

MANA’s Direx 4L Included In 2012 RR PLUS Program

MANA Crop Protection has an-nounced that Direx 4L herbicide will be incentivized under the 2012 Roundup Ready PLUS Weed Manage-ment Solutions platform for Delta and Southeast cotton acres.

Direx 4L, which can be used to control glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth (pigweed) and marestail (horseweed) is one of the most widely used diuron products within the industry. Applied as a preplant, pre-emerge or post direct from six-inch cotton to layby, Direx 4L provides up to three and a half weeks of residual control for weed control reliability.

Used alone or in combination with other herbicides for season-long weed control, Direx 4L is recommended under the Roundup Ready PLUS program to combat Palmer amaranth (pigweed) and other weed species known for resistance issues specific to glyphosate herbicides.

For more information, interested parties can go to

Valley Irrigation, CropMetrics Win New Product Awards

Valley Irrigation and CropMetrics, a Valley Irrigation partner, were presented with the Irrigation Association New Product Contest Award in Agriculture at the 2011 Irrigation Association Show in San Diego, Calif., for Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) with CropMetrics VRI Optimization Service. This prestigious award acknowledges the highest technological achievements in the agricultural irrigation industry.

With CropMetrics, growers of any size now have access to the industry’s first, and only, data-driven, agronomic VRI management solution. Utilizing the latest precision ag technology with Certified VRI Specialists, the VRI Optimization service applies to any field and crop type that uses center pivot irrigation.

Certified VRI Specialists apply powerful, agronomic tools that help precisely match water application depths to soil type, topography, in-season imagery and historical yields.

For more information about Valley VRI with CropMetrics or VRI Optimization Service, producers can contact their local dealers or go to

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