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Home Textile Market Needs Cotton Quality

By Dick Silvia
President, RWS Marketing & Sales
New York, N.Y.
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Paul CavazosPerformance Matters
As an industry consultant who specializes in developing home textile products with mills and factories around the world, I have had an opportunity to see firsthand how the quality of the cotton used can affect not only the feel and look of the end product, but how well the cotton will run on both spinning and weaving equipment.

I have been associated with the bed sheet and bath towel industry for more than 30 years and have been involved with the manufacturing and sales of both products aimed at key retailers in the United States. Sheets and towels comprise a large segment of the cotton textile industry and therefore are important to our bottom line sales.

Making A Difference
Quality cotton is very important to my customers. If you have ever used a cheap towel, you know how low quality cotton can affect the aesthetics and functionality of the product. In short, poor cotton makes for poor towels, sheets or bath robes. The home textile industry knows this and understands the value of using quality cotton in its products. More importantly, consumers can tell the difference.

We recently ran several bed sheet and bath towel trials at key textile mills in both Pakistan and China using Certified FiberMax cotton. Both products came out exceptionally well and had the softness and feel of extra-long staple cotton. Additionally, both factories were very happy with how well the fiber ran on the spinning and weaving equipment.

That’s the value proposition for manufacturers and their customers. Based on my experience, Certified FiberMax runs better in the mill, saving money in the processing and spinning of the cotton while at the same time making a better product.

This is a very competitive time in the home textile industry. Every opportunity that we get to supply quality cotton that improves machine efficiency in the textile mill will insure the long-term viability of the cotton that we sell. This is certainly a benefit of the longer staple and consistency that Certified FiberMax offers.

From Fiber To Fabric


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