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Based on some of the comments that we received from the March Web Poll, it appears that even more cotton producers have jumped on the “residual” bandwagon when it comes to making adjustments to their traditional weed control programs.

Four years ago, consultants in the Southeast and Mid-South were encouraging producers to diversify their approach to keeping weeds in check. North Carolina crop consultant Danny Pierce said cotton producers in his area need to use a pre-plant incorporated or pre-emergence herbicide to control glyphosate-resistant pigweed.

Also speaking up at that time was Clay Despain, who consults in Poinsett County, Ark. He said more and more cotton producers in his area were using residual herbicides to control two of their most troublesome weeds – horseweed and pigweed.

As the 2013 season gets underway, planting date is also a popular topic as producers watch carefully for the ideal time to plant expensive seed to get the most “bang for their buck.” Some are hoping to get in a little early to avoid planting conflicts with other crops or move their 2013 harvest date up a bit.

After all the votes were tallied, 55 percent of the respondents say they may try to adjust their weed control program, 30 percent are contemplating planting dates and 15 percent are considering making some adjustments related to harvest.

Following is a sampling of the comments that we received:

• “I would like to begin planting a week to 10 days earlier if field conditions and weather were favorable enough to do so. For one reason or another, they usually aren’t.”

• “The main thing that will affect yield early on is seed chilling. As expensive as it is to put in a cotton crop, I would wait until ideal conditions are present to plant.”

• “We will have less cotton this year, so we will plant in the middle of May to get around some early insect pressure. Also, the soil temperature should not be an issue at that time.”

• “I’m thinking I will plant on May 15 instead of May 20. Last year I ran into scheduling conflicts with other crops, and I hope to avoid that this year.”

• “I am going back to putting out ‘yellow’ herbicides.”

• “I intend to start planting by May 1, weather permitting. More cotton and fewer peanut acres will necessitate beginning harvest earlier!”

• “I will be adding more residuals due to resistant weeds. I am also planting some LibertyLink cotton.”

• “Moisture is a great concern to me. In our part of Texas, we are still in a severe drought.”

• “I am using more residuals.”

• “I would be more likely to adjust my weed control program. In North Carolina, we don’t have that bad of a problem, but no one knows when we’ll have a drought. This can cause major problems in weed control.”

• “Purchasing harvesting equipment is a main priority. Renting equipment is becoming costly.”

In the past year, you may have noticed that great strides are being made pertaining to equipment related to cotton harvest. In this month’s Web Poll, Cotton Farming is asking its readers if they have taken advantage of any of the new technology or if they are planning to incorporate it into their operation in the near future.

Go to to cast your vote and share your comments. You may also include from which area of the Belt you are responding. Results of the April Web Poll will be reported in the May issue of Cotton Farming.

Web Poll Results

Of the following three choices, to which of these areas would you make adjustments this year?

• Planting date – 30 %

• Weed control program – 55 %

• Something related to harvest – 15 %

April Web Poll Question

Have you recently upgraded or do you plan to upgrade any of your equipment related to cotton harvest to help increase efficiency? Please explain in the “Comments” section.

(1) Yes
(2) No
(3) It depends.

Register your vote at

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