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Cotton Buyer’s Goal Today: Best Quality

By Carly Beumel
Director of Material Design
Nike, Inc.
Portland, Ore
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Carly BeumelIt All Starts With Quality

Cotton has been the dominant fiber of my career. I have used cotton in everything from couture to accessories and sport apparel. Cotton has taken me on a journey around the world. At various points in my career, I’ve been in the top three for cotton buyers by purchasing volume. My primary goal is to guide the company with which I am affiliated to make the best decisions for research and development. I have led brands such as Anthropologie, Coach and Nike on market trends, fashion trends and product development. Fashion trends are always the first consideration for the brands I have worked with, but as a buyer my first consideration is the quality of raw materials for best end-product.

So what am I looking for?

With a sea of options around the world, only the best raw materials with the most information will prevail. Cotton as a competitive fiber is one that can’t be studied through a singularly focused lens as only a commodity.

Cotton is an international fiber that needs to be looked at holistically from street fashion to trade shows such as Premiere Vision or the Italian yarn show Pitti Filati. How many people are wearing cotton and how mills are exhibiting the possibilities of cotton can open a whole new world.

If you look at cotton in this way, you are considering the fiber in a similar perspective as I would. This also connects the farmer throughout the supply chain from fiber to buyer. For the farmer, it’s important to be just as inspired as I am and to be on the quest for the absolute best. This is something my customer may not understand technically but will understand intuitively leading to a purchase.

The Quest For The Best

I was invited back a few years ago to a FiberMax Summit in Dubai. It was critically important to meet farmers and spinners directly and have a chance to collaborate on cotton for the future. So, with that I will close, with my input from the Summit. What I’m looking for is the best cotton in the world, and that all starts with the seed.

From Fiber To Fabric


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