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Manufacturers Know The Value Of Quality

By David Trumbull
Principal, Agathon Associates
Boston, Mass.
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David TrumbullEquation For Success

Prior to launching Agathon Associates this year, I spent two decades working with American textile mills of the National Textile Association and the world’s leading processors of luxury animal hair products in the Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute. I have worked with some of the most innovative producers of high-quality yarns and fabrics in the United States, Europe and Asia, and have learned that advanced technology + original design = a superior product, but only when the highest quality fiber is specified.

Indeed, throughout my two decades in the textile industry, I found my work frequently took me to the beginning of the fiber-yarn-fabric-consumer product chain, back to the fiber. The world’s producers of quality textile products take care to use, and promote on their labeling, only the highest quality fiber.

A Name Customers Trust

Today’s consumer is sophisticated in taste and demands the highest quality. The world's leading textile producers have stepped up to satisfy those demands. They have also promoted the use of accurate product labeling to aid the consumer in making informed choices. From drafting the definitions that ultimately became law regulating the use of Super 100s and similar markings in men’s wool suits, to policing global markets for inferior products labeled as “cashmere,” to getting Federal Trade Commission clarification on how to calculate the thread count of cotton bedsheets, forward-thinking manufacturers have understood the importance of quality and the value of a name that conveys the image of quality – a name such as Bayer FiberMax.

That reputation for quality is why Bayer’s FiberMax is one of the most widely consumed upland cotton brands in the world when quality is required. It is also one of the largest exported varieties from the United States today.

David Trumbull consults to the textile and apparel trade. Contact him by telephone at (617) 237-6008 in Boston or (202) 657-6008 in Washington or send him an email message at

From Fiber To Fabric


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