Managing A Late Crop

In many areas of the Belt, the cotton crop is somewhat behind schedule this year, requiring producers to make adjustments to their “normal” production practices.

Thirty percent of the Web Poll respondents say they have had to deal with adjusting PGR rates, spraying more for insect pests, adjusting herbicide programs and keeping an eye on their irrigation scheduling.

Following is a sampling of what our readers who participated in the Web Poll had to say about their experiences with the 2013 crop as of the first couple of weeks in August:

• “In north Alabama, most of the cotton needs 16-24 ounces of PGR along with insecticide sprays for plant bugs, but daily rains won’t let us get in the field.”

• “In southeast Arkansas we have been spraying more for insect pests, especially plant bugs.”

• “Variety selection should be at the top of the list as in choosing an early maturing variety. Then you can shorten the maturity date by not tolerating any thrips up to the fifth true leaf. Control plant bugs at the sixth-leaf stage along with using a PGR. Stay on top of both of these until the cotton reaches cutout.”

• “As usual, my main concern here in West Texas is the lack of water. It’s very aggravating to watch the scattered rains bypassing me on all sides.”

As the 2013 growing season draws to a close, everyone involved in U.S. agriculture is trying to keep up with the many twists and turns tied to getting a new Farm Bill passed and signed into law. This month, we are asking our readers to weigh in on this subject with their votes and comments. The results of the September Web Poll will be reported in the October issue of Cotton Farming.

Web Poll Results

If your crop was late, which of the following did you have to work on?

• Adjusting PGR rates – 27 %

• Spraying more for insect pests – 30 %

• Adjusting herbicide programs – 9 %

• Irrigation decisions – 4 %

• All of the above – 30 %

September Web Poll Question

How frustrating is it that the Farm Bill has not been passed and signed into law as we roll into the harvest season? Please explain in the “Comments” section.

(1) Very frustrating

(2) Somewhat frustrating

(3) About what I expected

Register your vote and comments at

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