A Beneficial Partnership

A lot of history exists between the Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association and Cotton Farming magazine, and that probably explains why this partnership continues to be so beneficial to both sides with each passing year.

For more than two decades, the magazine has co-sponsored TCGA’s Annual Meeting and Trade Show in Lubbock. What does a co-sponsorship entail? It mainly means assisting the organization in publicizing the event and supporting the TCGA/Texas Tech Scholarship Program.

However, this partnership goes much further. Because of its working relationship with TCGA, Cotton Farming has gained access to many Texas cotton leaders, resulting in timely stories that have appeared in the magazine:

One example of how that relationship paid off occurred last year when the magazine published a story about TCGA’s efforts to help educate the state’s ginners on how to handle round modules without causing contamination.

On other fronts, working with TCGA has always been invaluable whenever Cotton Farming has delved into water issues confronting High Plains producers and ginners.

In December 2013, the magazine published a story about the importance of producers and ag lenders working together when it’s time to finance the crop each year. An extensive interview resulted with Texas ginner/banker Curtis Griffith.

Since Texas is the largest cotton-producing state in the Belt, it is essential that important contacts be maintained within the state’s industry leadership. That fact was further enhanced in 2013 when Bob Glodt of Plainview, Texas, was honored as the Cotton Consultant of the Year. Cotton Farming and Syngenta co-sponsor the award.

Another example of the magazine’s connection to Texas occurred in the February 2014 issue. The cover story dealt with High Plains producer Robbie Harkey’s ability to deliver a four-bale crop by using high-performing varieties, good management practices and access to reliable water sources.

“We have enjoyed a special relationship with TCGA through the years,” says Lia Guthrie, Cotton Farming publisher. “Whether it’s co-sponsoring the TCGA meeting each year or dealing with Texas stories for the magazine, it’s been beneficial to us.”

One of the most important aspects of the partnership has been the magazine’s support of the TCGA/Texas Tech Scholarship Program. The magazine donates a portion of its revenue from the show program to support ag scholarships.

When a visitor attends the TCGA Annual Meeting and Trade Show on April 3-4, he won’t have to travel too far to find the Cotton Farming booth at the Lubbock Civic Center. It is located right next to the TCGA Registration Booth.

You’ll find the TCGA and Cotton Farming staffs working together to answer any question that might occur during the two days of the event.

“The good thing about this situation is that Tony (Williams) and I know that we can call each other anytime that we have a question,” says Cotton Farming Editor Tommy Horton. “He has helped us tremendously, and I hope that we’ve assisted TCGA in some small way through the years.”

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