President's Report‏

Danny Moses

• Resident of Wharton, Texas
• Owner of Moses Gin, Inc.
• Family-owned gin
• Father, grandfather and uncles had experience in ginning industry
• Wife Shannon works in gin
• Daughter Caitlan and son Colton
• Previously served as TCGA VP and secretary

A year ago, when Danny Moses became president of the Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association, he relished the opportunity but could not have imagined how rewarding the experience would be. He knew that the TCGA staff would guide him through the many challenges that accompany the job. Meanwhile, as he attended several meetings with TCGA Executive Vice President Tony Williams, he made many new friends along the way.

The three-year drought that began in 2011 has affected all sectors of the industry, and Moses saw that firsthand in his travels and at his own gin.

“These back-to-back low volume years are devastating,” he says. “Not only do cotton gins suffer economically but so do the seed handlers, warehouses, merchants and companies that provide machinery, equipment, materials and services to businesses.”

Moses also learned another important fact during his year as TCGA president. He gained a greater appreciation for the “reputation and brand for Texas cotton.” In particular, he found out that Texas ginners are known for adapting to technology while preserving cotton quality during the ginning process.

“In other words, we are doing whatever it takes to respond to what the customer needs,” he says. “We are always in a learning curve mode.”

One example of that “learning” has centered on how ginners understand what is required to take care of the new round modules produced by the John Deere on-board module picker.

“I’d like to think that we are still learning how to do a better job in the handling and processing of these modules,” Moses says.

The outgoing TCGA president is confident that new president Buzz Cooper will do an excellent job as president in 2014. He says Cooper, along with the wise guidance of the TCGA staff and board of directors, will be an asset to the industry.

“There’s no other way to describe Tony’s value to TCGA,” he says. “He’s like a safety net for us. There just aren’t enough words to describe how he, Kelley and Aaron lead this organization.”

Moses also had high praise for the Texas Cotton Ginners’ Trust.

“During my term as president, it was an honor to experience and witness the inner workings of the Trust,” he says. “This organization provides a valuable service to our membership by meeting the needs for affordable workers’ compensation insurance.”

Moses believes that he will be a better ginner in the future because of his experience as TCGA president. He still has fond memories of the TCGA summer membership meeting in 2013 that was conducted on a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico.

“The positive feedback I received at that meeting was gratifying to me and the association,” he says. “It was one of the best meetings I can recall. I’m sure our meeting in Lubbock will be even better.”

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