Texas Cotton Ginners Trust

The Texas Cotton Ginners’ Trust is celebrating 20 years of operation at its Annual Meeting in Lubbock on April 4.

Formed in 1994, the Trust’s overall mission is to provide stable, affordable workers’ compensation coverage to Texas’ many agricultural businesses.

The Trust provides coverage to more than 75 percent of the cotton gins in Texas as well as cotton warehouses, cottonseed oil mills and other agricultural businesses across the state.

The Trust’s Producer Program offers the protection of workers’ compensation coverage for employees of cotton producers who gin with members of the Trust.

The Trust provides its members both hard savings in dividends paid back and soft savings in premiums the members never had to pay to a commercial insurance carrier because the Trust was there to provide coverage in times of a restricted market.

The Trust paid $4.4 million in member dividends in 2013.

Dividends totaling more than $31 million have been returned to members from the first 17 years of the Trust’s operation. These distributions represent more than 25 percent of premiums paid in those years. Trust gin members once again earned more than $300,000 in Safety Credit, which is being returned with the 2013 final audit of those who qualified.

The Trust continues to improve safety service to members and their employees through its sponsorship of the Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association Safety Seminars, on-site safety training, its Certified Safety Trainer (CST) program, weekly safety training bulletins and other safety initiatives.

The Trust will introduce more enhancements for safety training to its members in 2014, including more training events being offered in Spanish to employees of Trust members.

This year’s Annual Meeting of the Trust is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on Friday, April 4, in the Banquet Hall of the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center. The meeting agenda will provide an update on Trust activities, a report on the financial position of the Trust and the announcement of the dividend to be paid this year. Three of the nine trustee positions will be up for election. The Trust will once again be located in Booth No. 1 at this year’s Trade Show. Please stop by for a visit.

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