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Study Reveals German Consumers Prefer Cotton

The majority of German consumers prefer cotton, according to an online survey by CCI of 19,245 participants.

CCI launched the survey along with 12 media partners, mainly online portals such as, as part of its German consumer outreach program. CCI achieved a total reach of more than 65.5 million consumer impressions.

The online survey asked consumers about their preferences in design and fiber content for underwear, nightwear and bed linens. Approximately 63 percent of German men and 56 percent of German women prefer 100 percent cotton for their underwear, while 60 percent of women look for comfort and fit when buying underwear.

While style and design play a more important role for younger consumers (aged 18-24), fiber content, comfort, fit and quality show increasing importance with age. When shopping for nightwear, 54 percent of German consumers prefer pure cotton and 47 percent prefer a blended fabric of cotton with stretch.

The study also shows that gender plays a key role in buying decisions. The touch, feel, quality and fiber content are the most important criteria for German women when shopping for bed linens. German men consider price as more relevant for all shopping decisions.

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