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January 3, 2014

Louisiana Seafood Had Good 2013

According to statistics released by the Louisiana Seafood Board, Louisiana's commercial fishermen landed just over 1.2 million pounds of seafood for human consumption and industrial purposes with a dockside value of almost 328-million dollars. That accounts for 12.6% of total US production and 73.8% of total production from the Gulf of Mexico. The port at Empire-Venice lands the most commercial seafood in the continental US and is second only to Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Louisiana is also home to 3 of the top 10 US ports for commercial fishery landings (in pounds) and the state is home to 1 of the tope 10 US ports for commercial fishery landings (in value). And another interesting fact: one year's shrimp catch in Louisiana--strung end-to-end--would wrap around the Mercedes-Benz Superdome 94,389 times!

High Cotton Awards

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the High Cotton Awards. And Farm Press Publications and The Cotton Foundation are proud to announce another crop of outstanding High Cotton Award winners.

This year's winners, who will be honored at a breakfast at the newly reconstituted Beltwide Cotton Conferences in New Orleans Jan. 7, include:

Danny Darnell, Hillsboro, Ala., Southeast
Kenneth Hood, Gunnison, Miss., Delta.
Steven Beakley, Ennis, Texas, Southwest.
Clyde Sharp, Roll, Ariz., Far West

"The High Cotton Awards continue to identify producers who are the best of the best when it comes to producing a high quality, profitable crop in an environmentally responsible manner," says Greg Frey, publisher of the Farm Press Publications, which sponsor the High Cotton Awards through a grant to The Cotton Foundation.

The High Cotton Awards were initiated by Farm Press and the National Cotton Council as a way to demonstrate that cotton growers and their families are concerned about the environment and are the true stewards of their land, air and water.

Since 1995, 79 cotton producers from across the four regions represented by the Farm Presses (Southeast Farm Press, Delta Farm Press, Southwest Farm Press and Western Farm Press) have received the bronze Cotton Boll awards that are handed out to the winners each year. (There were two winners from the same regions three different years.)


House To Open With Bill To Curb EPA

The House is expected to open the new year with work on legislation aimed at easing environmental regulations when it returns from recess next week. The Reducing Excessive Deadline Obligations Act - H.R. 2279 - is a compilation of three environmental bills approved by the House Energy Committee. House Republicans have reportedly scheduled the bill for consideration. Among other things - the bill would require the President to consult with states before enforcing federal environmental law. The measure also would prohibit the EPA from imposing overlapping regulations on states that have rules on solid waste disposal and require all federally owned facilities to comply with state requirements on hazardous substances.

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