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September 27, 2013

Farm Bill Moves A Tiny Bit

House Republicans took the first steps late yesterday toward a formal Farm Bill conference with the senate, as the Rules Committee cleared the way for a floor vote today that would merge the separate titles approved earlier. The provisions are part of a larger "martial law" rule approved 9-3 by the rules committee and empowering the house leadership to move quickly over the weekend on debt and funding bills prior to the fiscal year ending at midnight Monday. The goal is to restore a more comprehensive package including commodity, conservation, crop insurance and nutrition titles as one. This would then be sent to the senate as a single amendment and sets the stage for the leadership to appoint conferees. But there is simply no chance of starting before the current farm law--a one year extension of the five year program that already expired in 2012--runs out Monday. And while the senate has already appointed its conferees, it now has to repeat the process.

Teenage Cattle Thief Caught

A 16-year old in Vermillion Parish has been charged with theft of livestock in connection with allegedly stealing 24 cattle from a Vermillion Parish cattleman. Authorities said the teenager was found at a stockyard attempting to load seven stolen heifer calves and hide them elsewhere. Those calves were released back to the owner. The stockyard manager later found 17 cows in a back pen and had no idea how they got there. Turned out those cows had been stolen from the same cattleman. The juvenile confessed to sealing the cattle and was released on $5000 bond. The owner estimated the value of the stolen livestock at just over $26,000.00

LSU College Of Agriculture Alumni

If you've wanted to become a member of the LSU College of Agriculture Alumni Association, now's the time. According to Dr. Donnie Miller, association president, it only costs $30 a year and those dues will go toward "...helping shape the future of the College of Agriculture as it continues to recruit top students." Each year, the College of Agriculture Alumni Association honors two individuals as alumnus of the Year and honors them in the spring during their annual board meeting. If you'd like more information, contact Dr. Donnie Miller at (318) 614-4044. Oh, and the first year is free to current graduates.

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