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Quality Is The Key In Pakistan

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It is my pleasure to send greetings from Pakistan to all U.S. cotton producers. I know this was a challenging year for many of you because of unpredictable weather. But I also have confidence in your ability to deliver excellent cotton quality to all customers.

I am Shahid Anwar Tata, chief executive officer for Tata Industries, and I’m honored to join many other textile mills from around the world who have communicated a message in Cotton Farming magazine during the past five years. I’m extremely thankful to Bayer CropScience for giving me this rare opportunity.

We are a ring spinning mill, but our growth has been steady since 1991 when we added 25,000 spindles to our initial operation. With a total of 99,924 spindles in the overall operation now and diverse products, we have established our position in the global market. We are quality producers and very conservative with correct fundamentals.

We consume 3,000 tons of cotton per month and 100,000 tons per month in other fibers. Sixty percent goes into the local market while 40 percent is exported.

Today, Tata Group brands are considered to be synonymous with quality. In fact, our policy can be summed up in the following two statements:

• Committed to the high expectation of our customers, we deliver more than we promise.

• We strive for production of the best quality yarn for high value products.

It is no surprise that we have customers in nearly every major market in the world.

With this expansive and diverse customer base, it should also be obvious that we seek only the highest cotton quality in our purchases. For that reason, we use 100 percent Pakistani, Supima and Certified FiberMax Cotton in our operations.

I am equally proud to say that we have been a regular user of Certified FiberMax Cotton. In fact, Tata consumes between 9,000 and 10,000 tons of Certified FiberMax Cotton each year. Most importantly, we are pleased with its uniformity, and our customers are happy with this quality, year in and year out.

Staying Focused On Service

Tata Industries is also proud of how our commitment to service and innovative technology is reaping benefits for the company.

We are Pakistan’s first Uster Certified Spinning unit, and our product carries the Usterized label.

Tata looks forward to a bright future together with our U.S. cotton producer friends, and it is our heartfelt hope that 2010 will be a prosperous season.

We know that production of quality cotton is a major priority for you. Thanks for being such a reliable partner.

Tata Industries

  Company Objectives
  • Maintain high standards for quality.
  • Be attentive to needs of customers.
  • Pursue diverse global customer base.
  • Remain focused on company’s goals
    and objectives.

  Quick Look At Tata Industries:
  • 99,924 spindles at three spinning mills.
  • Consumes 10,000 tons of FiberMax.
  • Supima and Cotton USA certification.
  • Major global customer base.

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