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China’s Goal: Customer Service

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Greetings to all readers of Cotton Farming magazine. I’d like to send best wishes to you from Hebei Province in China on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. I am Tang Zhangming, chairman of Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Company. We are located about 300 kilometers south of Beijing.

I am sure that other mill executives have made a similar statement in their articles, but let me again say that it’s an unusual opportunity for a mill in China to communicate directly with U.S. cotton producers.

These are difficult times, and I think we are making good progress as the global economic recession shows signs of ending.

Our company is engaged in textile production, scientific research and trading. It is one of the 20 most competitive enterprises in China’s cotton textile industry and has been listed on China’s Shenzhen Stock Exchange for more than 10 years.

By necessity, our equipment features the most innovative technology. We utilize 800,000 spindles, 120,000 weaving machines of which 2,400 are shuttleless looms. Our products include 60-120 count combed cotton yarn and a wide array of different varieties of 100 percent cotton fabrics.

The product line is consistently ranked among the most popular in China. We also offer the finest in apparel and home furnishings to Chinese and global customers in the United States, Europe, South Korea, Israel, Bangladesh, Thailand and Hong Kong.

The origins of our cotton purchases vary from year to year. Normally, our purchases are 40 percent local, 30 percent Xingjiang and 30 percent imported. Most of the imported cotton is from the United States, and that quantity has increased in recent years. We continue to be pleased with the performance of Certified FiberMax cotton. It has a good performance record through the years in terms of quality and consistency.

Changshan Textile was granted the IQNET Quality Certificate, which is popularly recognized in 32 countries in the world. The company’s technical center is the first “State Recognized Enterprise Technical Center” in the Chinese domestic textile industry.

Delivering To The Customer

I know that the word “service” is used a lot in business today, but that is what our company is all about. It’s a very simple philosophy. If we try to do our job better each year and keep the customer’s needs at the top of the list, we can be profitable.

Along that same line, we also couldn’t do our job if we didn’t have excellent suppliers of cotton. And that is why we are so pleased that the U.S. producer delivers on his promise every year. We hope it’s a good crop season for all of you in 2010.

Shijiazhuang Changshan

  Company Objectives
  • Continue to stress customer service.
  • Maintain wide range of products.
  • Improve quality through technology.
  • Use cotton that performs well.

  Quick Look At Shijiazhuang

  • 800,000 spindles in company mills.
  • Major global customer base.
  • 100,000 tons of cotton consumed yearly.
  • One of top textile mills in China.

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