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Another Chinese Success Story

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It is a pleasure to be given this opportunity to communicate with U.S. cotton producers who are readers of Cotton Farming magazine. Greetings from Anqing City in Anhui Province in China. I am Wang Ghongzhu, general manager of the Anhui Huamao Group Company, Ltd.

I realize that many Chinese mills have communicated a message on this page in the past six years, but I think it’s good that U.S. producers can learn how our manufacturing sector in China is diverse, yet consistent in how it delivers a quality product.

I would also like to thank Bayer CropScience for its continued involvement in this project, which connects U.S. cotton producers with textile mills around the world. China and the United States have a special relationship as it pertains to cotton, and we welcome the chance to talk about it.

Anhui Huamao Group is a state-owned company with six subsidiaries that deal in textiles, import-export trade, real estate, comprehensive service, knitting, spinning, weaving, mortgage, auction companies and various joint ventures.

Investment in technology continues to pay dividends. We operate 500,000 spindles and 1,000 sets of shuttleless weaving machines, as well as production lines of automatic coning, double twisting, gassing of yarn and thread, mercerizing, bleaching and dyeing.

An annual production capacity of 55,000 tons helps us manufacture “Chengfeng” brand high-grade pure cotton and cotton-polyesterblend yarn as well as pure cotton gray goods, cotton-polyester-blend union gray goods and various knitted fabrics. Our products continue to receive recognition such as the “China Famous Brand Products” and “National Customer Satisfactory Products” awards. We have also received numerous awards for the systems we have in place for quality, environment, health and safety.

Quality Remains A Priority

Any discussion of cotton quality obviously includes Certified FiberMax from the United States. This high-quality cotton continues to perform well for our mills and is a good mix with the cotton we use from cotton production regions here in China.

Anhui Huamao is proud of the team spirit exhibited in all facets of the company’s operation. It’s what motivates us to deliver to our broad global customer base. We focus on four themes: Precise Working Style, Make a Concerted Effort, Work Hard, and Be Modest and Enterprising.

I am proud of how this philosophy continues to work for us. I’m also glad that U.S. cotton producers demonstrate the same attitude in delivering high-quality cotton to China. We appreciate your commitment and look forward to another excellent season in 2010.

Anhui Huamao Group

  Company Objectives
  • Constantly focus on quality.
  • Continue to invest in technology.
  • Fulfill the needs of customer base.
  • Seek full potential at all levels.
  • Maintain excellent reputation in market.
  • Encourage good work ethic.

  Quick Look At Anhui Huamao Group:
  • Located in Anqing City in China.
  • Company founded in 1958.
  • Yearly capacity is 55,000 tons.
  • 500,000 spindles in operation.

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