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China’s Goal: Product Diversity

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It isn’t often that Chinese mills are given the chance to tell their stories to U.S. cotton growers, and I am excited to join other Chinese mills who have shared their views in past issues of Cotton Farming.

I am general manager of the Wuxi Qingfeng Stock Company, Ltd., in Jiangsu province in China. I am pleased that this magazine and Bayer CropScience understand the importance of the United States-China relationship in the cotton industry. That is why it is so encouraging that many Chinese mills have been featured in your magazine so far this year.

I am glad that I have a chance to convey some thoughts about Wuxi Qingfeng, a cotton textile company with more than 80 years of history. Equipped with 150,000 spindles and more than 300 sets of jet looms, our company has the capability of producing 18,000 tons of cotton yarn and 30 million meters of cotton cloth each year.

For those of you not familiar with Chinese geography, Jiangsu province is located in the middle of China’s eastern coast on the lower part of the Yangtze River. The climate in Jiangsu is monsoonal in a temperate and subtropical zone, giving the area warm winters and hot summers.

Our company is known for producing the highest quality cotton yarn, and we have won several awards: Pioneer of China Textile Industry, China’s First Grade Enterprise, Quality Management Prize of China and Hi- Tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province.

We are very proud of these achievements, and we embrace technology at all levels of textile manufacturing. It gives our ownership a great sense of pride when we are recognized for the final result – whether it’s the finished product or a safety award that goes along with it.

Diversified Product Line

Our yarn products include dyed and dense yarn, high count yarn, top grade knitting yarn, stretch yarn, slubbed yarn, Tencel and special yarn. The top garment fabrics include bedding fabrics, satin and satin stripe, small jacquard and large jacquard.

As for the cotton we desire, FiberMax cotton continues to show consistency in its performance, and this is what sets it apart from other imported cottons.

The Wuxi Qingfeng company appreciates the ongoing relationship with U.S. cotton producers, and we are hopeful that we can sustain this wonderful partnership. We know that you are committed to delivering quality cotton to Chinese customers. For that, we are extremely appreciative of what you do for us.

We know the weather was unpredictable for you in 2009, but we are sending best wishes for an excellent crop season this year.

Thanks for being our business partner.

Wuxi Qingfeng Stock Company
  Quick Look At Wuxi Qingfeng:
  • 80 years of history as a company.
  • 150,000 spindles.
  • 300 sets of jet looms.
  • Winner of numerous quality awards.
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