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Bangladesh Maintains Quality

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Even though all textile mills share common goals and strategic objectives, some operations set themselves apart from the competition by taking those objectives to a higher level. That is precisely what the Viyellatex Group of Bangladesh is doing today.

Three of our five companies within the Viyellatex Group are directly linked to the apparel industry – Viyellatex Ltd. (knitting, dyeing, washing, printing, embroidery and garmenting); Interfab shirt manufacturing; and Viyellatex Spinning Ltd. (yarn producer).

With such a diverse product line in our various divisions, it is understandable that we would import a wide assortment of cottons from the United States, Africa, India, Brazil and CIS countries.

FiberMax obviously is a good fit for many categories mainly because of its performance and uniformity. These are necessary traits that can give a particular cotton a distinct advantage. Whether it is used in yarn, knitting, garmenting or even shirt manufacturing,

FiberMax has the versatility for many end uses in our operation. That is why we will continue to use it in the future.

How important is quality to Viyellatex? It’s a high priority. We are quite proud of our inhouse testing program that is accredited by Marks & Spencer, Puma and Esprit. We are especially proud of the “Best Supplier” award we received from Puma in 2009.

The most important cotton quality parameters in our spinning operation are: length, strength, micronaire, color grade, short fiber and trash content. We also ensure other quality parameters in carded and combed yarn. These include tests for neps, hairiness and count strength.

It’s All About Quality

Price isn’t the only important factor in Viyellatex’s cotton-purchasing decisions. Beyond the standard fiber properties, we look at the end use of the cotton, country of origin, certification, brand or type of cotton (FiberMax or SJV, for example), credibility of the supplier, credibility of local agents, shipment assurance and arbitration assistance.

An outsider might ask if there are other factors that our company looks for in the imported cotton it purchases. Besides contractual and non-contractual parameters of the cotton, we look at all the factors tested through HVI and AFIS machines, including moisture and stickiness readings.

As you can see, quality is at the heart of our company’s mission statement. The final product must be delivered to the global customer with that thought in mind.

For that reason, we continue to rely on quality suppliers such as the U.S. producer. This is what helps foster such a productive relationship today and into the future.

Viyellatex Group
  Quick Look At Viyellatex Group:
  • Company has five divisions.
  • Export-oriented garment manufacturer.
  • Ring and rotor spinning capability.
  • 13,000 total employees.
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