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Pakistan’s Priority – Best Quality

By Muhammad Salim
Bhanero Textiles, Ltd.
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If ever there existed an example of a textile mill operation committed to fiber quality, Bhanero Textile Mills, Ltd. of Karachi, Pakistan, fits that description as well as any company in the world. We are part of the Umer Group, which has a global reputation for being a leader in textile manufacturing, research and development.

Established in 1982, the Umer Group textile operation has three companies – Bhanero Textile Mills Ltd., Faisal Spinning Mills Ltd. and Blessed Textile Ltd. All three companies have spinning and weaving facilities with a capacity of 140,000 spindles supported by European and Japanese machinery.

Two spinning units within Bhanero have 67,776 spindles with related back process machines along with Twisters and a laboratory with the latest testing equipment. The units produce fine counts of high-quality cotton yarn for weaving from 30/1 to 120/1 compact yarn. Fine counts are being spun from the best quality Egyptian, Russian and U.S. cotton, including Pima and FiberMax.

These mills use melange yarn, slub yarn, flex yarn and 100 percent carded/combed dyed cotton yarn for knitted/woven fabrics, apparel and home textiles.

Our third mill is a weaving facility equipped with airjet looms. It produces a mix of woven fabrics from light to heavy, wider width, plain, textured, twills and luxurious satins.

Cotton quality is a major priority for the Bhanero mills, and a lot of details are involved in making sure we find the right fit for our operation. For example, the most important quality parameter for our products is yarn specification. And, even though price is a major consideration in how we make our purchasing decisions, we never want to compromise when it comes to cotton quality. We always look at staple length, micronaire, grams per tex, trash value and delivery time.

Importance Of HVI Data

These same qualities are important when we examine HVI data. For instance, we never want to overlook moisture content in cotton because this characteristic isn’t measured by HVI, and it’s very important to our fiber purchasers.

Since Bhanero sells its yarn for domestic use in Pakistan, as well as to a diverse customer base in the European Union and Far East, it is only natural that we purchase cotton from many sources in the world.

This emphasis on quality is evidenced in the fact that Bhanero is a certified vendor for Supima, Egyptian cotton and Cotton USA. As mentioned earlier, our mill also has had consistently reliable experiences with FiberMax.

Quality at Bhanero is part of our mission from start to finish, and we must never lose sight of that fact. It’s what our global customer base demands and expects.

Bhanero Textile Mills, Ltd.
  Quick Look At Bhanero Textiles, Ltd.:
  • Main office is in Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Three mills comprise Bhanero Textiles.
  • Ring spinning and open-end operations.
  • Company started in 1982.
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