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Help guide irrigation researchers by taking this survey

mississippi cotton irrigation

Help us by participating in an irrigation survey. The questions in this survey are only about furrow- or flood-irrigated croplands. Flood-irrigated croplands still play an important role in supplying food, feed and fiber demands in the United States but have received less national attention in recent years compared to sprinkler and drip irrigation methods. Information from this survey will be ... Read More »

Profit Maps Tool

mississippi cotton

Software Tells Farmers Precisely Where Conservation Will Make Them Money • By Vanessa Beeson • Two Mississippi State researchers and pioneers in the growing field of economically targeted conservation are showing farmers that making money off their land can be feasible even when the land isn’t producing. Wes Burger and Mark McConnell, MSU researchers in the Forest and Wildlife Research ... Read More »

Get On Top Of Early Season Pests

thrips damage

San Joaquin Valley growers are again in the unfortunate position of having to deal with the after-effects of below-normal rainfall and a reduced snowpack. We already know of many planned reductions in irrigation district water allocations that may impact cotton management choices for this year. Many if not most SJV cotton fields have been planted during a warm weather window ... Read More »

Prices good, drought bad for Texas cotton

texas cotton

Texas cotton producers could have a tough year due to drought, but good prices are likely to soften the blow, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert. Drought and good prices will influence the final total acres of cotton planted, especially in Texas, said Dr. John Robinson, AgriLife Extension cotton marketing economist in the Texas A&M University Department ... Read More »

Take Time To Relay Offseason Safety Message

module feeder

As ginners, we typically focus our attention on the gin season. We have seasonal labor that may be new or returning. We must train them and get them oriented to working long hours and around equipment they aren’t familiar with. As far as safety is concerned, it helps to assume they don’t know anything and start with fresh training for ... Read More »

Industry News For May 2021

feral hog bait

FMC’s Vantacor Formulation Replaces Prevathon For Residual Worm Control In 2021, FMC launched Vantacor Insect Control powered by Rynaxypyr active for long-lasting residual control of lepidopteran pests. This is the same active found in Prevathon insecticide. Vantacor contains a high concentration of Rynaxypyr, so 20 ounces of Prevathon is equivalent to 1.7 ounces of Vantacor. FMC says the new brand ... Read More »

Who Is Going To Show Up?

carroll smith

Sports is a competitive environment. Before a big game, the TV announcers typically spend at least an hour or so on air speculating which team will win. Somewhere in the dialogue, they’ve been known to say, “It depends on who shows up.” I interpret this to mean, “Which team will play to their potential today?” It takes strategy and hard ... Read More »