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Persistent Plant Bugs Won’t Go Away

Every cotton insect pest has its own calling card. But when it comes to unpredictability and consistent threat potential, the plant bug is in a class by itself. Maybe that’s why it continues to be a nemesis for cotton production. The numbers tell the story, according to Mississipi Extension entomologist Mike Williams’ 2013 Cotton Insect Loss Estimates report. Here was ... Read More »

6.9-Bale Yield?

Remember the names of Vance and Mandie Smith. What they accomplished on their cotton farm in 2013 was nothing short of spectacular. No one in their part of Texas recalls a yield on an upland field that came close to equalling the 6.9 bales per acre they achieved. Read More »

Bowen Flowers

Encouraged By Mississippi’s Cotton Acreage Outlook In 2014 By Tommy Horton Editor If you’re a cotton producer in Mississippi or other parts of the Mid-South, you’re feeling cautiously optimistic about the 2014 season. In fact, you might say that there is a sense of expectation about this year’s cotton crop. Some experts say that cotton could increase by 30 percent ... Read More »

Texas Home Run

Call it a Texas home run that was hit out of the ballpark. Or maybe it was the crop season of the decade. Put whatever label fits, and it might come close to describing what happened to Texas producer Robbie Harkey and his cotton crop in 2013. To the uninformed outsider, it would seem impossible that a producer could deliver a four-bale yield on acreage north of Lubbock near Hale Center Read More »

Tribute To Consultants

No matter what month of the season, you can always find these unsung heroes’ “footprints in the field.” Through the years, the cotton consultant has always been a crucial part of any producer’s operation. He walks the fields, monitors the crop’s progress and is the eyes and ears for the farmer every day. In many respects, the consultant is a ... Read More »

Rountree Family Farm Thrives With Cotton

Georgia cotton producers have dealt with their fair share of challenges in the past decade. You name it, and they’ve seen it. Drought problems, resistant pigweed, stinkbugs, the loss of a popular cotton seed variety, hurricanes and tropical storms are just a few of the issues that have confronted them while growing cotton. Read More »