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Texas Turnaround

Steve Verett

Just what is "typical" anyway? That seems to be a debatable question here on the High Plains, where the last three years have been anything but. Even the last good year, 2010, also was not "typical," with the area's highest production and lowest abandonment in recorded history. As executive vice president of Plains Cotton Growers, Inc., a cotton producer organization representing thousands of hard-working farmers in 41 counties on the High Plains, I've noticed... Read More »

West Tennessee Ginner Richard Kelley Trying To Stay Competitive

West Tennessee producer/ginner Richard Kelley has observed many changes in the cotton industry for the past 40 years. In this interview with Cotton Farming, he discusses some of the major issues as harvest and ginning seasons approach. What's uppermost in your mind as ginning season approaches? The thoughts that come to mind are "survival" and the future of cotton in our area. These are challenging times for cotton as we deal with weak demand, larger carryover and lower prices. Read More »

Resilient Cotton

Arkansas Producer Sam Stuckey’s Crop Has Weathered The Storm Cotton has always had a reputation for being able to withstand a lot of adversity during a long production season. If you want proof of that statement, pay a visit to the Stuckey Farms operation in eastern Arkansas. That’s where you’ll find a remarkable crop that has already withstood heavy rains. ... Read More »

Every Drop Counts

  Western Farmers Trying to Cope with Serious Drought Blame it on weather patterns, urban expansion, water rights, battles or politics. No matter where you live in California or Arizona, the hottest issue today for cotton farmers comes down to one topic – a historic drought. When you have a situation in California where some farmers are paying 50 or ... Read More »

Persistent Plant Bugs Won’t Go Away

Every cotton insect pest has its own calling card. But when it comes to unpredictability and consistent threat potential, the plant bug is in a class by itself. Maybe that’s why it continues to be a nemesis for cotton production. The numbers tell the story, according to Mississipi Extension entomologist Mike Williams’ 2013 Cotton Insect Loss Estimates report. Here was ... Read More »

6.9-Bale Yield?

Remember the names of Vance and Mandie Smith. What they accomplished on their cotton farm in 2013 was nothing short of spectacular. No one in their part of Texas recalls a yield on an upland field that came close to equalling the 6.9 bales per acre they achieved. Read More »