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Don’t Write Off Sen. Lincoln Yet

By now, everyone knows that Arkansas’s incumbent Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln faces a monumental challenge in her bid to win a third term in Washington. Most of the polls have her trailing Republican Rep. John Boozman by nearly 30 points. The political pundits have already written her off and are ready to concede the election right now to Boozman. However, ... Read More »

Farm Bill Hearings Get An Early Start

Is it just me or does it seem like the House Ag Committee’s field hearings on the 2012 Farm Bill are just a tad early in this entire process? We’ve heard both sides of the argument for starting these hearings two years before the serious debates begin on the new law. By starting the hearings so early, it does give ... Read More »

Enthusiasm In Texas For 2010 Crop

We all know how important Texas is to U.S. cotton production, and nowhere was that more evident than at the recent Texas Cotton Ginners Annual Meeting in Lubbock. Our magazine co-sponsors this show, and it’s obvious that a lot of producers and ginners are enthusiastic about the cotton prospects for 2010. Everywhere we walked at the TCGA Trade Show we ... Read More »

The Other Side Of The Story

Recently, I read a rather gloomy story in In the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper about U.S. cotton’s future, and I have to be honest with you. It upset me. I always react that way when I read any story that unfairly paints a negative picture about cotton. So, keeping that in mind, I hope you’ll bear Amebaブログからwordpressへ with me as ... Read More »

Something For Everyone

I’ve been attending the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show for the better part of two decades, and it never disappoints. Last week’s show was no exception. In fact, I can’t recall a Gin Show in Memphis in recent years that had more to In offer. Without a doubt, the highlight of the opening day was Memphis cotton merchant Joe Nicosia’s ... Read More »

Snowy Days In Memphis

Don’t worry about certain areas of the Cotton Belt not having enough soil moisture before planting begins. Record snowfall across the Belt has taken care of any early drought possibilities in key regions. At least, that’s the impression here in Memphis, Tenn., where we’ve dealt with snow and ice a couple app of times during the last three weeks. Obviously, ... Read More »

Back From New Orleans

Well, our staff is glad to be back from the Beltwide Cotton Conferences in New Orleans, and it’s always a challenge to digest all of the information we collect at this great meeting. But that’s actually a nice problem to have. I’d like to thank the National Cotton Council once again for coordinating this event in such a way that ... Read More »