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Editor’s Note

Texas Strategy: Survive The Drought

By Tommy Horton Editor A year ago we were talking about how Texas cotton producers were trying to survive a drought that had to be seen to be appreciated. It’s hard to know how difficult this weather event was unless you lived in the state and saw it firsthand. How bad was it? How about a reduced cotton crop that ... Read More »

Ginners Adapting To New Challenges

By Tommy Horton Editor One of the most exciting times of the year is upon us. Yes, we know that most of our readers are college football fans and are counting down the days until the first game. We’re also aware that there are a lot of hunters and fishermen who mark important dates on the calendar in the fall. ... Read More »

What’s Really Beautiful? A Bloom In June

By Tommy Horton Editor For as long as I can remember, cotton producers across this country have never been afraid of innovation and technology. That’s what gives this industry such a respected global reputation. You can always count on U.S. producers to be out front when it comes to a new production practice. Recently, I saw this kind of innovation ... Read More »

Being Proactive Helps On Water Issues

By Tommy Horton Editor At least once a year, our magazine takes a detailed look at water issues in an effort to gain some perspective on a topic that affects every cotton producer. You won’t find a more complicated, politically volatile subject that is essential to the survival of production agriculture in this country. Maybe some people get tired of ... Read More »