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Consider Border Spray For Stink Bugs

By Amanda Huber Editor Thanks to the eradication of the boll weevil and the introduction of Bt transgenic cotton, the number of insecticide applications in cotton has been drastically reduced. Prior to these developments, usage of broad spectrum insecticides usually kept stink bug populations in check. While reducing the number of insecticide sprays is a good thing, it has allowed ... Read More »

Rewarding Week At TCGA Meeting

By Tommy Horton Editor For the eleventh consecutive year, I had the privilege of attending the Texas Cotton Ginners’ Annual Meeting and Trade Show in Lubbock in early April. Once again, it was an opportunity to connect with so many producers and ginners in Texas. Every time I attend this event, I come away a bit more impressed by the ... Read More »

More Cotton Acreage For MidSouth

If you read the cover story for April Cotton Farming or my Editor’s Note, you know that I spent some time recently in the Mississippi Delta visiting with long-time producer Bowen Flowers. Not only was it a chance to find out what his plans are for the 2014 season, but it was an opportunity to observe the North Delta as ... Read More »

The Battle Against Weed Resistance

BY TOMMY HORTON EDITOR If you read through the March issue of Cotton Farming that deals with pre-planting preparations and the ongoing battle against weed resistance, you can understand how serious this problem is. Our lead story certainly connects to the topic. After hearing how Steve and Skyler Droke of Hornersville, Mo., approach pre-season burndown, you can see that we ... Read More »

It Was A Beltwide To Remember

BY TOMMY HORTON EDITOR What was it like to attend the Beltwide Cotton Conferences in New Orleans a few weeks ago? Well, as expected, it was a different format. The attendance was about what officials anticipated – around 1,500. The weather was brutally cold, so that didn’t lend itself to much walking up and down Canal Street or into the ... Read More »

Web Poll: SW Acreage May Increase

In the past few years, cotton acreage has taken a dip across the Belt as farmers reacted to attractive grain prices, and, in some areas, water issues. Despite this trend, many people in the industry have alluded to 2014 as the year that cotton acreage is expected to increase. In December, Cotton Farming asked its readers where they expected to ... Read More »

Deltapine NPE Event Attracts Large Crowd

BY TOMMY HORTON EDITOR How do you convince 150 farmers and their wives to make a quick trip to Charleston, S.C., just a couple of weeks before Christmas? You make sure that the schedule appeals to everybody. And that is precisely what company officials did in putting together the agenda for the sixth annual Deltapine New Product Evaluator (NPE) program ... Read More »