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What Customers Want

Apparel Industry Knows Importance Of Cotton Quality

By Gus Floris Editor Apparel Insiders Monitoring Cotton Trends As editor of a major apparel news service, I have opportunities to speak with dozens of clothing companies and retailers about their products, the demands of their customers and how they plan on meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding consumer. In fact, as I write this, I have just returned ... Read More »

Sustainability: A Concept Whose Time Has Come

By Richard Shaw Manager, Research Logistics/Operations AgriThority Responding To Consumers Today, brands and retailers want sustainable products to meet anticipated consumer preference. A major driver has long been their own personal and corporate dedication to be “greener,” because it is the responsible thing to do. Farmers in the United States have adopted more sustainable production practices because it is the ... Read More »

China’s Textile Industry Requires Quality Cotton

By Xi Jin Manager of International Cooperation China National Cotton Information Center Beijing, China Surviving Global Competition Chinese textile mills are losing their competitiveness. Soaring costs of production permeate China’s economy. Moreover, as costs have risen for labor, energy and raw materials, environment protection rules and the RMB currency exchange rate have further aggravated the situation. For Chinese textile mills, ... Read More »

Spinners Demand Higher Quality For Cotton

By Werner Bieri President/CEO Buhler Quality Yarns Jefferson, Ga. No Substitute For Quality David TrumbullBuhler Quality Yarns Corporation has been using Supima cotton for its production since it started spinning cotton yarns in the United States in 1996. Over the years, the selection process for the fiber purchase has been redefined and become much more selective. We are asked many ... Read More »

Cotton, Polyester Have Learned To Work Together

BY BHARAT DESAI SENIOR EXECUTIVE VP, RELIANCE INDUSTRIES MUMBAI, INDIA Bharat DesaiCotton’s Rich History   The inquisitive and evolving man has constantly attempted to deliver himself a better product in which to dress. One of the oldest and most intricate options has been cotton. Cotton has been part of every civilization’s history. Through the years, cotton has evolved into a ... Read More »

Don’t Overlook Cotton’s Key Attributes

MR. SURESH KOTAK CHAIRMAN, KOTAK COMMODITIES MUMBAI, INDIA   It’s All About Quality It is said that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This common phrase could also apply to What Customers Want: straight line availability of cotton with the right attributes for the products they are producing. This, in turn, makes it easier to deliver ... Read More »

Spinners Need Fiber Analysis To Ensure Quality

By Andrew Macdonald Cotton/Textile Consultant ITMF Board Member Meeting Customer Demands What do customers want? The fast evolution of the textile industry is moving toward a more demanding customer. It places product performance initially on the basic raw material, but performance also is being expressed in the form of fashion that is comfortable, protective and lasting. That is why cotton ... Read More »