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Cotton’s Agenda

Securing Adequate Provision

gary adams, ncc

Where is the budget appropriations process? The House and Senate agricultural appropriations subcommittees conducted hearings with USDA agency officials to review their budget requests and priorities before beginning the development of their respective funding bills. The final Congressional budget resolution being negotiated between the House and Senate will set the overall level of funding available for fiscal year 2016. What are U.S. cotton’s funding priorities? Essential is maintaining resources for USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to complete boll weevil and pink bollworm eradication. These programs continue to produce documented economic and environmental benefits. Read More »

Ensuring Effectiveness

gary adams, ncc

The National Cotton Council: 1) sought useful risk management tools for inclusion in the new farm law; 2) educated its members on that law’s cotton and other provisions; and 3) continues to press for the law’s proper implementation. How is implementation proceeding? The NCC is working with the House and Senate agriculture committees and USDA to address any shortcomings or ... Read More »

Overcoming Obstacles

gary adams, ncc

As implementation of the 2014 farm law continues, the National Cotton Council (NCC) reminds industry members of the obstacles that were overcome in order to maintain effective risk management tools in that law. What was the initial obstacle? Even before the Agricultural Act of 2014 was being developed, cotton was the only commodity facing the consequences of an adverse ruling ... Read More »

Successful Self-Investment

Cotton trade

U.S. cotton has weathered several storms but also capitalized on many opportunities, and fortunately the industry is prepared to meet the challenges presented by future business climates. Are you optimistic about the cotton industry’s long-term future? The U.S. cotton industry has and will continue to benefit from an extraordinary self-investment. That investment includes the National Cotton Council of America, U.S. ... Read More »

Strengthening Partnerships

Cotton Council International (CCI), the National Cotton Council’s export promotions arm, conducts numerous successful cotton demand-building events and activities, including the Sourcing USA Summit. What is the Summit’s purpose? The biennial event provides first-class networking opportunities that result in promoting cotton and COTTON USA and increasing U.S. cotton sales. In the Summit business forums, internationally recognized speakers tackle topics affecting ... Read More »

Devil’s in the Details

From November 10 to December 10, the National Cotton Council has been conducting workshops to help cotton producers and others get a better grasp on the provisions of The Agricultural Act of 2014. How does STAX fit with a producer’s existing insurance policy? The Stacked Income Protection Plan (STAX) is available in 2015 for upland cotton. At the producer’s choice, ... Read More »

Decision Time

Mark Lange

The Agricultural Act of 2014 is a farm law that features a greater reliance on crop insurance programs, and cotton producers need to understand their options before making program choices for 2015 crops. Are there any decision-making resources? USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) is updating a “Crop Insurance Decision Tool” that will illustrate the insurance choices available to cotton in ... Read More »