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Ag’s Major Mission

Agricenter International is a self-sustaining, not-for- profit organization that provides economic development and improved quality of life by facilitating agricultural research, educational programs, environmental conservation, natural area preservation and recreational opportunities. It is truly a unique place. Read More »

Doing More with Less Water

Water is a precious and valuable commodi ty on the High Plains of Texas. As a farmer on the High Plains, I often wonder how many times over my career I will reflect upon the words, “If we had had just one more rain.” A longtime family friend told my wife, Kim, at church one day, “Your husband will pass ... Read More »

Changing Times

Nothing puts my mind at ease quite like driving a little stretch of highway between Slaton and Lubbock, Texas, on US 84. Ten miles of unencumbered highway marked by an endless horizon and, when in season, a pearlescent ocean of cotton. God’s Country, as I refer to it; these fields roll on as if trying to find the edges of ... Read More »

Farm Bill Choices

Producers in southwest Georgia have always been peanut farmers who grew cotton and corn, but the mainstay was and still is peanuts. When the 1985 Farm Bill became law, that enabled producers to build cotton base. In 1988, Georgia farmers also voted to approve the boll weevil eradication program and ushered in a new era in Georgia cotton. Slowly, the ... Read More »

Let’s Be Proactive

Five years ago, I was sitting on my tractor in the middle of a cotton field in Frog Jump, Tenn., when I received a phone call that changed my life. I remember it like it was yesterday. One of my trusted friends asked me to run for Congress, something that this seventh- generation farmer had never considered. Read More »

Progress Against Pigweed

A decade and nearly $1 billion have been spent on the management of glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth by Geo-rgia cotton producers. Who could have known in 2004 when we couldn’t kill a pigweed with Roundup in Macon County, Ga., that our entire agricultural industry was beginning the process of changing forever. Read More »

A Simple Thank You

BY CHUCK FARR CRAWFORDSVILLE, ARK. After 24 years of being an independent consultant I can honestly say I have been able to see and learn to do many things through my consulting business. I have to say that the most important things I have learned have come from my father, clients and other consultants, all whom I call my friends. ... Read More »