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My Turn

Saying Good-bye

By Roger Carter Clayton, La. It was with both pride and sorrow when Tommy Horton email-ed me and asked if I would write the My Turn column for this edition of Cotton Farming – given that I am being forced to retire after 48 years of doing nothing but agricultural consulting every year since 1964. The Lord has given me ... Read More »

The Long Journey

By Don Molino Baton Rouge, La. I was born and grew up in northeast Texas – Paris to be more specific. That’s 105 miles due northeast of Dallas and 13 miles south of the Red River and Oklahoma where I’m told teenagers could buy beer with no questions asked. But that may have been just another wild rumor. Chances are, ... Read More »

Urban Versus Rural

By Kelley Green Austin, Texas When most Americans hear the phrase “Two Americas,” they think of the divide between the “haves” and the “have-nots” – a major talking point in the 2004 presidential election. When I hear this phrase, I think of rural America versus urban America. Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association is headquartered in downtown Austin, Texas. Our state has ... Read More »