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Heading Toward the Finish Line

ARKANSAS National Agricultural Statistics Service August Crop Production report projects Arkansas producers to harvest a record high yield of 1,226 pounds of lint per acre. This surpasses last year’s record by 81 pounds. The Arkansas Boll Weevil Eradication Program currently has a total of 200,335 acres of cotton on their maps. This record yield projection reflects the advances the industry ... Read More »

Crop Continues to Make Steady Progress

ARKANSAS Tracking nodes above white flower (NAWF) from first flower to cutout (NAWF=5) can offer great insight on the condition and potential of the crop. As we approach this time of the season, we are interested in using this tool to aid in crop termination. The first fields planted are not always the first to reach cutout. Monitoring NAWF throughout ... Read More »

Late Crop Needs to Play Catchup

ARIZONA At the time of this writing (mid-June), the majority of the crop is entering first bloom. The first half of June has seen some high temperatures across the state with the low desert experiencing temperatures near the 115-degree mark. Cotton that is well watered under these conditions will have maximum growth and the potential to set significant fruit. However, ... Read More »

June – Always Crucial For Young Cotton

ARIZONA Early season management of cotton for optimum initiation and retention of fruiting forms is critical to the overall success of the eventual crop. Several factors can contribute to poor early season fruit set, resulting in increased vegetative growth and other potential yield limiting scenarios. Insect pressure, specifically from lygus bugs, can cause early season fruit shed. Proper scouting of ... Read More »

Planters are Ready to Roll Again

ARIZONA Nearly all of the cotton is in across the deserts of Arizona. Cotton in the far West region of the state is quickly approaching first bloom, and the remainder of the state is nearing first square. Decisions regarding irrigation timing become critical at this point in relation to minimizing moisture stress experienced by the crop. Research has indicated that ... Read More »

New Season Brings Big Decisions

ARKANSAS As planting time approaches, decisions concerning varieties and how much to plant have likely been made. Other decisions such as when to start planting and which varieties to plant first can and do vary with whomever you ask. The bottom line is we need a place to put a picker in the field in September if possible – regardless ... Read More »

March 2015 Report

MISSISSIPPI The latest National Cotton Council survey projects Mid-South cotton acres will decrease by nearly 26 percent in 2015 compared to 2014. Mississippi is projected to have the least decline in acreage with an estimated 14 percent reduction. The NCC survey indicates Mississippi producers intend to plant 368,000 acres in 2015 compared to 425,000 acres in 2014. As a whole, ... Read More »