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Long Season Nears Crucial Midpoint

FLORIDA: David Wright It is very important to protect bolls that are being set in July as 90 percent of the yield is often set during this month. Plant bugs and stink bugs have become more of a problem with corn being grown in the rotation. Most of the stink bugs will come out of corn as it starts drying ... Read More »

Understanding Water Science

This is my 34th year as an agricultural consultant on the Texas High Plains. As I look back over those years, I am amazed at the advancements that have taken place. The way producers farmed 34 years ago is certainly different from today. However, one thing that hasn't changed over all these years is that water is a yield-limiting factor, and there is no substitute for water. Read More »

Early Decisions are Crucial

FLORIDA David Wright Farming is like life in that you never know what kind of turn it will take and what the issues will be. We had a slow start to planting cotton and peanuts in Florida, and corn was slow growing off due to cold, wet conditions early with leaching rains. Producers are still planting many fields, and most ... Read More »

Planting Season Brings Positive Outlook

FLORIDA David Wright With crop prices for most commodities down from the past few years, producers are trying to decide what to plant and how to cut costs. Our systems research with cover crops, cattle and perennial grasses shows the following: indicator enzymes for carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur cycling are increased from lowest to highest with single cropping and ... Read More »

Planters Ready To Roll

Mike Milam MISSOURI milammr@missouri.edu PLANTING IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER Although last year had a slow start and we had problems with too much rainfall at mid-season, we did finish strong with an excellent boll opening and harvest season. This winter has been difficult, and our last ice piles are melting in shaded areas. Our cotton production conference was cancelled ... Read More »

Acreage May Increase In 2014

The NCC Planting Intentions Survey shows less than a one percent increase in acreage for Missouri. Based on past reports, this may or may not happen with a lot depending on the weather. In the past, I have noticed that the Missouri intentions are usually overestimated. Read More »

Promising Outlook For 2014

When we look at our USDA estimated yield of 956 pounds per acre, most producers are disappointed. When comparing our yield with some of our other Delta states, we note that their yields were much higher. In my estimation, we had the potential, but it is hard to overcome the effects of three weeks of heavy rainfall in July and August. Read More »