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Crop Needs Some Help To Finish

MISSOURI Mike Milam milammr@missouri.edu CROP TRYING TO CATCH UP According to the Crop Progress and Condition report for the week ending July 14, cotton squaring was 62 percent complete, 16 days behind last year and 11 days behind normal. Cotton setting bolls was 19 percent complete, one day ahead of last year but four days behind normal. Cotton condition was ... Read More »

Late Crop Making Good Progress

MISSOURI Mike Milam milammr@missouri.edu PLENTY OF MOISTURE FOR GROWTH Missouri producers ran out of time to get the seed in the ground. A large portion of the crop is planted later than we would like to see. To summarize our planting season by week, we had two percent planted, then 12 percent, then 58 percent and finally 93 percent by ... Read More »

Weather Delays Pose Challenges

MISSOURI Mike Milam milammr@missouri.edu PLANTING HAS BEEN DIFFICULT It does not take too much of a reminder to realize that we are not in control. According to the Crop Progress and Condition Report for the week ending May 12, cotton planted was 12 percent. Last year, we were at 68 percent and a week ahead of normal. Cool, wet soils ... Read More »

Do Your Homework Before Planting

MISSOURI Mike Milam milammr@missouri.edu DROUGHT CONTINUES IN MISSOURI Southeast Missouri is blessed with groundwater resources. Irrigation really helped us duringseveral severe droughts within the past five years. The Drought Monitor had our growing area classified as exceptional drought during much of the growing season. I was amazed that some of our non-irrigated ground had really good yields. These fields had ... Read More »

Winter Preparations – A Must For 2013 Crop

MISSOURI Mike Milam milammr@missouri.edu EXCEPTIONAL DROUGHT HURT MISSOURI As we look back on the 2012 Missouri cotton crop, we had a pretty good year. While our drought conditions were described by the Drought Monitor as exceptional, we still had a better-than-average year. With our irrigation potential in the Bootheel area, we were able to overcome some of the heat and ... Read More »

Specialists Speaking

MISSOURI Mike Milam milammr@missouri.edu For all practical purposes, the Missouri cotton crop is harvested. The Missouri Crop Progress and Condition Report for the week ending Nov. 11 shows only 89 percent harvested. But I have not seen any cotton in the field in the southern end of Dunklin County. In general, defoliation went well since a lot of our cotton ... Read More »

Early Harvest Reports Positive Across Belt

MISSOURI Mike Milam milammr@missouri.edu According to the Missouri Crop Progress and Condition Report for the week ending Oct. 14, 47 percent of the cotton has been harvested. This is one day behind last year and two days behind normal. Cotton condition was 10 percent very poor, 24 percent poor, 35 percent fair, 29 percent good, and two percent excellent. Yield ... Read More »