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Early Season Insect Pressure

ARKANSAS The first 40 days in the life of a cotton plant sets the foundation for yield and fiber quality potential for the season. This includes the period from planting to squaring. Cool temperatures or competition from pests can delay the onset of squaring. In our April-planted cotton, first pinhead square generally occurs 40 to 45 days after planting, compared ... Read More »

Early Season Management

ARKANSAS Establishing a healthy stand of cotton is the first step toward a successful season. Cotton does not tolerate difficulties encountered during its first weeks of growth very well. Variety selection and seed quality have a lasting effect on the crop’s early season vigor and on overall plant health, which is critical in establishing high yield potentials. When pushing the ... Read More »

Planting and Early season Decisions

ARIZONA Planting time is upon us and, as of this writing, spring is shaping up to be a very good planting season. With warm temperatures and dry conditions, emergence and stand establishment should be uniform and swift. However, as you all know, things can change. I think it is important that we are reminded of what constitutes optimum conditions for ... Read More »

Pre-Plant Decision Making

ARIZONA The outlook on cotton prices for the 2016 season still remains less than exciting. The saving grace for cotton may be that other commodity prices are not significantly better. This economic scenario requires that each input be scrutinized for its potential return on investment. This may not be the year to try something new that requires significant economic resources, ... Read More »

And So It Begins…

MISSOURI Missouri producers made it through the 2015 season with near record yields, so there is a lot to be thankful for. Although we didn’t have optimum climatic conditions, we were fortunate to have had had an overall favorable growing season. I have often wondered how much higher our yield could be with early planting and favorable conditions during the ... Read More »

Selecting Varieties for 2016

ARIZONA There are many decisions made by a grower over the course of a cotton-growing season, but few have as significant and lasting impact on the final outcome of the crop than variety selection. This is a decision that will need to be made soon, so it is time to begin considering your options. Variety evaluations conducted in various locations ... Read More »

End of Year Reports Filtering In

ARKANSAS The National Agricultural Statistics Service November Crop Production report lowered our yield estimate for Arkansas cotton to 1,124 pounds of lint per acre down from last month’s estimate of 1,218 pounds of lint per acre. The November estimate is just short of last year’s record yield of 1,145 pounds of lint per acre, from 330,000 harvested acres. We have ... Read More »