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Alternative Energy

An Intelligent Investment

By Mark Lange NCC President/CEO A key National Cotton Council priority is coordination of the annual Beltwide Cotton Conferences, which foster research and facilitate technology transfer to U.S. cotton producers with the aim of helping them increase their overall efficiency and profitability. Where is the 2013 Beltwide? The 2013 Beltwide Cotton Conferences are set for Jan. 7-10 at the Marriott ... Read More »

Cottonseed Oil Has The ‘Right Taste’

Supporting two cotton sustainability projects currently implemented at New Mexico State University (NMSU), Tom Wede-gaertner, Director of Cottonseed Research and Marketing for Cotton Incorporated, has worked with the Oregon State University Food Inno-vation Center to create six flavor-infused culinary cottonseed oils. “I wanted a food product made from the cotton plant that would not only strengthen the tie between cotton ... Read More »

Major Ginning Priority: Keep The Cotton Clean

Most of us demand 100 percent cotton in the clothes we buy, especially for us guys. Nothing provides the comfort like the feel of a cotton shirt or pants. Anytime plastic fibers like polyester are introduced to the blend it diminishes the comfort level and value of the garment for me. The same goes for a textile mill when buying ... Read More »

The Right Plan

By Mark Lange NCC President/CEO The National Cotton Council is reminding farm and gin owners/operators to determine if they must implement a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan. Why is compliance necessary? EPA says the SPCC rule is to help farms and facilities prevent a discharge of oil into navigable waters or adjoining shorelines as well as control a ... Read More »

WEB POLL: 2011 Vs. 2012 Crop Progress Report

Because of excess rains and flooding to extreme drought conditions, many cotton producers were anxious to put the 2011 season behind them. Before it was completely out of mind though, Cotton Farming asked its readers to compare the progress of their 2012 crop to that of their 2011 crop at mid-season. Following is a sampling of the many comments that ... Read More »

What’s Really Beautiful? A Bloom In June

By Tommy Horton Editor For as long as I can remember, cotton producers across this country have never been afraid of innovation and technology. That’s what gives this industry such a respected global reputation. You can always count on U.S. producers to be out front when it comes to a new production practice. Recently, I saw this kind of innovation ... Read More »