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Cotton Ginners Marketplace

NCGA Sees Quality Preservation As An Important Goal For 2016 At the National Cotton Ginners’ Association 79th membership and board meeting in Dallas in early February, the board covered reports from committees on a wide range of topics, including technology, safety and labor, and legislative. NCGA members are keenly aware of the importance of quality, such as fiber quality preservation ... Read More »

Southern Southeastern Highlights

The annual meetings of the Southern Cotton Growers Inc. and the Southeastern Cotton Ginners Association Inc. were held recently in Savannah, Ga. The well-attended event featured several committee meetings and breakout sessions in which numerous production topics were discussed. U.S. Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) gave the keynote address during the general session. Reece Langley, vice president, NCC, presented the Washington, ... Read More »

Mid South Farm and Gin Show

It’s Showtime! By Carroll Smith Editor In a few short weeks, it’s time to head to Memphis, Tenn., to attend the 64th Annual Mid-South Farm & Gin Show. Hundreds of exhibitors will be on hand to provide the latest information suited to the region’s diversified operations. Visitors are invited to attend the Southern Cotton Ginners Association and Foundation Annual Meetings ... Read More »

TCGA Annual Meeting & Trade show

‘Enormous Potential’ Sets The Stage BY TONY WILLIAMS TCGA EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT Optimism is running high in Texas as cotton farmers and ginners prepare for the 2016 season. To help kick off the year on a positive note, The Texas Cotton Ginners Association invites you to join us at our 109th Annual Meeting and Trade Show in Lubbock on April 7-8. ... Read More »

OSHA Pushes The Envelope With Enforcement Actions

It has been almost a year and a half since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued two violations for noise in South Texas. Two cotton gins were cited for noise levels, and OSHA is saying it wants these ginners to require all workers in their plants to wear hearing protection. This is in spite of the fact that OSHA’s ... Read More »

What’s In Your Gin Safety Program?

Over the past few months with the increased presence of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in many industries, the question is continuing to come up: What is your safety program? As we’ve been working with our members, their answer typically is, “We show the videos.” Or they point to the association’s safety reference manual that was provided to them. ... Read More »

Recollections Of A ‘Hard Worker’

Robert Royal

On her TV show a few weeks ago, MSNBC hostess Melissa Harris-Perry admonished her guest, Alfonso Aguilar, when he used the words “hard worker” to describe Rep. Paul Ryan. Her reason – and I paraphrase – is that it demeans folks who actually are hard workers, folks like those who work in cotton fields. I bring this up at the ... Read More »